Friday, July 4, 2008

Caught white-handed

Sometimes, I attempt crazy things. Things like washing the dishes, or writing a blog, or taking a shower. When I step out of the boat like this, bad things happen.

Wait a minute, you're saying... why are these all pictures of Brynn, Angel Bean? Because Toby is too fast to be photographed, that's why.
Like yesterday, for example. Attempted to flush an entire roll of toilet paper. For the third time this week.
I am starting to doubt punishment as a crime deterrent.
I googled, and found a TP saver, for around 5 bucks. It basically looks like a rubber band around the toilet paper roll.

(while I was typing that, I heard the kitchen timer, which is ON TOP of the kitchen counter. Busted a perp with his face in the raisin container. Claims to be a puppy.)

Back to the subject at hand. I don't like to pay for things that aren't worth money, so I made my own TP saver. It's a ribbon... works great so far. I busted Puppy flushing 5 squares of TP earlier. Now that's more like it. This fix is pictured in the picture of Angel Bean on top of the toilet.

I have locks on the stove, the refrigerator, some closet with scary furnace-related pipes, my door and all 3 doors to the outside. I have baby gates on my room and the kitchen. Still, I am no match for these, for whom I prayed.


  1. oh my! sounds exHAUSTing around there...

    all i'm doing here is napping and cleaning out piles and piles and doing loads and loads of laundry....

    things have been neglected for 2 months....

    linds and brian have had the montezuma's revenge (how did he get to Uganda?)

    prayer for them.... to get settled into their new one room cottage (they're not in it yet cause it's not ready - so still living out of boxes, suitcases, etc) for them to get her salon open for business soon.... and for all things to work out as the Lord desires....

    brian says there are bats! with 5 foot wing-spans flying overhead in the evenings! oh my!

    but both say a very pretty place to live...

  2. About the glasses for Richy. When Michael was little he went through about one pair a month. They either broke or got lost, or stepped on or something. Like one time he ran straight into a chain link fence and they broke. The flexo frames helped, but they still got lost. then we tried the glass holder, you know the fabric band around the head, not too not cool. Worked for awhile though. I just decided it was going to be a continuing expense, now he is an adult and guess what, I haven't seen any glasses for about 3 years. They need to make some that you can sleep in and they bond to your nose. Kind of a flexo glue on type. It would be real cool if they could kind of bounce into place when you rolled over in your sleep. Kind of superheroish. Larry boy or something-G

  3. Oh, man. I just remembered. It is my anniversary. Sometimes we both forget and a month later one of us says, Hey, did we forget our anniversary again!!!????-g

    29 years.

  4. Jess - You get my "intended to make you miss everyone like crazy" video texts?

  5. yes, and it worked. good luck with the Mr. Clark

  6. Yeah, they were pretty much aimed squarely at you...he has no heart.

  7. hello, jess - where you bee???

    we just got in from Benihaha's where a group of 10 went to celebrate J-birds' 21st bday tomorrow 070787..

    i cannot believe he's 21! now to release him more fully.... (i know, i know, i've been trying)

    hey, shannon 2-24

    hey, g, vkg, mama, bethc and clammy... also all the anonomi

    have a good week!


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