Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day dos

I'm in day 2 of the fast here... already accidentally put bacon in my soup (fasting meat) and watched an episode of Jon and Kate while I was working out. Plus countless episodes of yelling at little people and just being ugly in general. (sigh) I need Jesus.

In other news, Brynn is developing skills ... rapidly. 3 weeks ago, she was just slithering around everywhere and could only sit up if we put her in a sitting position. Now, she can crawl on all fours, and get herself in a sitting position, and even pull to standing. She also does a very cool trick where she makes a triangle by straightening her legs to standing while still having her hands on the ground. We're all very impressed.

In other, other news, Richy's glasses are all the way broken. They just can't handle the abuse. We have another pair on order, but they are the same flimsy frames. I think we (or Visa) are going to buy the fancy flexo-frames out of pocket... what are these people thinking making thin metal frames for little kids?

Boring today.


  1. can you video Brynn doing her new trick? Brynn and Ruby are about the same speed......she stands up alone for about 30 seconds.....
    and crawls everywhere.....and kisses baby dolls.....a whole lot.

    I can not believe I left my camera at home.....what kind of Bedste is that?

    What about getting a kool elastic strap and attaching it to R2 glasses?

    How can you accidently put bacon on your soup?

    Just kidding..I have accidently eattin Ice Cream before when I was on a sweet fast......

    I blamed it on the grandchildren around me chanting Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream til I caved..

  2. They were not chanting to encourage me to break my fast....
    they were chanting to encourage me to run out to the street and stop the Ice Cream Truck and buy them Ice cream........

  3. I've been marathoning Jon & Kate plus 8 after 'discovering' it a few weeks ago. People kept telling how great is was, but I never cared until I saw it myself.

    Look at you, Miss Workout!

  4. We were gone for a 3 day weekend, just watched the videos.

    Richy could get attacked by some crazy liberal animal rights protesters from the 2nd video.

    I was laughing!

  5. I know, Josh. Luckily nobody around us looked very horrified.

  6. Hi -- if anyone is still up...

    Please pray for our friend, he's suicidal. Mark is over talking to him now. Thanks.

  7. Thanks so much for the prayers...our friend is is alive this morning but please continue to pray for repentance, deliverance, healing...and the desire to WANT to change destructive patterns. Thanks again, ya'll.


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