Friday, July 11, 2008


So, the MOG has landed a recording job, which is great for multiple reasons. Number one being that money pays bills. He's recording a demo for some guys here.

So last night I was cleaning cleaning so that no one will know the truth, and he was arranging his basement to look more like a studio and less like a basement.

So he says to me... "Where can we get some rugs? Just crappy rugs like this", he says, pointing to my very favorite rug. I am shocked and offended.

"That's a great rug! Do you mean like cheap, cheap rugs? Like thrift store?"

"Yeah, just cheap crap rugs I can put drums on."

So I had my assignment and I am about to leave for the thrift store. He stops me.

"Just get something, like, brown, or some nice earth tone. Nothing ugly or bright."

"Uh... have you ever been to a thrift store? These rugs are probably going to have geese on them." He is horrified. I look at him with my Duh face.

"Just don't get anything ugly."

So I jet off to the thrift with no kids attached. After a fairly brief browse through my favorite aisles, I arrive at the rug section. There are a couple of these braided teal and tan goose-like rugs, which, if that's your bag, they're great! I just happen to think of them as hideous.

There was also a giant dirty cream colored one, and a few smallish tan and beige options.
I called his nibs..
"What do you mean, cream colored? Like what?"
"Like, cream. Beige-ish."
"Bright cream?"

I am silent. They are turning off the lights in the store, and I am just trying to process what color bright cream would possibly be.

I ended up buying a few of the tan-ish ones, and they are fine.

Next time on Martha's Studio, we talk about how a nice navy blue blanket can make a beautiful room divider just by using a staple gun and a little ingenuity!


  1. mog should watch some decorating shows


  2. Martha, I myself fashioned a striking shoe rack from some limestone bricks and beading board, knowing that I could save lots of money. The height unfortunately was only about 4 inches off the floor, so that negated being able to put Bobbys great honking work boots underneath. Plus when one opened the front door into the foyer of my swankienda it knocked over the entire structure anyway.It only cost me about $20.00 bucks.last week I found the real deal at Big lots for ten and Bob puts his boots right on top. Looks great. Mama

  3. Wait till I tell you about the radish roses, Mary Martha.

  4. I lost all respect for Martha when she started making her own marshmallows. I mean come on people who has time for that? Get real. I make a lot of things from scratch and I love do it yourself projects but marshmallows? And yes I am sure they taste better but honestly who has the time?

  5. marshmallows.....sheesh....if I pretended to have any respect for the woman, it flew out the window with the ankle monitor and the house arrest.

  6. And yes....Julie Davis is pregnant again. 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl. The Davis family will never be the same with 3 girls. And Don and Sharon I am sure are in hog heaven with all of the girls, since they only had litle boys. You know ribbons and bows and nail polish and stuff.

  7. I've got respect for ol Martha... she's great at what she does. I just don't want to try to do what she does.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. OK, I LOL'd, and I never LOL. Of course, I really can't say that any more. I rarely LOL then. But I did. For real.

    Bright beige. Ha!

  10. I was at dinner with someone tonight and she asked us, " So aren't you related somehow to Richy and Jess?"

    I said yes, " Jess is my sister"

    Her mouth dropped open and she just stared at me like she was waiting for me to say "just kidding"

    "No really she is my sister"
    It still took another moment to register.

    Then I said
    "You know Nate and Leah?"
    She said" Yeah, Leah"

    I said She is my sister too.

    She said

    I said yes.

    She stared at me some more...-G

  11. Then she asked aren't yall related to Mike League somehow.

    We explained the Mike League connection.
    She was getting quite impressed

    Then I said we are also related to Beth..
    She knew that one and how it works..

    Then Mike told her Andy was his brother

    Poor Girl -G

  12. richy is leading worship at a baptist church tomorrow... move over, Tomlin

  13. now i'm confused...

    who's related to Andy?

    mike L or mike V?

    can someone draw out a family tree for me????

    you know, with lines and vines noting how everyone is related??? it sounds like a veritable spaghetti bowl!


    i am looking forward to the blue room divider episode....

  14. We are not related to Andy. Mike V said that but it was a joke.-G

  15. A babtist church huh? Interesting,
    very, very interesting.

    So I am at the church at nearly 3am. G wait till you get back and see what they did. You wont believe it! Matt is still in there working away. I am not sure if I will ever get home.

  16. What the heck is a pregnant over due mama doing at Church at 3am.....?


  17. They were building a really awesome drum cage, they finished about 4 am. It sounded great!-G

  18. ha ha ha ha G... mike and andy

  19. did you hear that I'm a Pam-maw now???

    due March 18!

    Jennifer! when are you going to hatch? when was due date?

    are we gonna do the bets thing?

  20. PAM! Is your first grandchild AFRICAN?


    I am so excited..........

    March 18th!

    How bout March 23rd?

    Sounds better to me........

    Little sweet AFRICAN child.

    woo hoo...........

    Jennifer............I guess I was WRONG>>>>>>>>>

    How ya feeling?


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