Friday, July 25, 2008

Limitations... we don't need no stinking limitations

Yesterday, we went back to Wal-Mart. Again, you say? Yeah... we go through a lot of food. Anyways.

I like to look at the baby clothes that say stuff.... like Toby's "I still live with my parents" shirt. Or "I do my own stunts". I generally avoid the ones like "Little Devil" or "Junior Flirt"...

So yesterday I'm looking and of course I'm looking over in the pink area and they say things like "2 Cute" and "Sugar and Spice". A black onesie says "This is my little black dress." All of which are fine, in fact I might go back and get the black one.

What has, in the vernacular, got my dander up, was the boy onesies. In green "Genius in Training" and in blue "Future President".

Now look, I'm not one to get all activist and put my sons in a dress just to make a point. But seriously... is my daughter more than how she looks? I don't like the message. My sons have the world open to them, and their intelligence is assumed. It's not just this one time I've seen this kind of thing. Old Navy has girl onesies "Stripes are Slimming" for... you guessed it. In blue they have "Future Class President".

It's not that I want to dress my kids uni. Obviously I go overboard on the girliness with Brynn. I don't have a problem with flowers on girl clothes and trucks on boy clothes. I just resent that the assumption that is being fed to us is, girls are all about looks, and airheads. I was given more, I knew I could be anything. I picked ministry and motherhood. I love what I do, but I am fully aware I could be whatever I wanted to be, even now.

And I'm not feeding this pablum to my daughter. The sky is the limit for her.


  1. That's what I'm sayin! You go miss Brynnie! President Brynnie. Oh yeah.

    You are so right, mama. MAMA

  2. Beautiful Girl! Do anything you want baby!

    She looks a bit like my Aunt Donna there! - Richy

  3. Ok so that is the most perfect onesie ever. I was actually just lamenting that if I want to dress my son in something that doesn't make him look like a tiny Joel Sorge replica (no offense to Joel, he has good taste) then my only options are puppies, tractors and things covered with dinosaurs. Which I suppose is great if I want him to be a contractor or a paleontologist.

    I really like the point you made though, good stuff.

  4. Right on! No limits!! Our little girl will have the same world open to her that Keith will have!

    See, you could take this subject, expand on it about the culture messages, talk about not limiting our children, and throw in some scripture, and then send it to Chirisma or the Focus on the Family magazine. and probably get published... and get a little cash. This could really minister to some folks and help them remember to not limit their children or try to fit them into what we want.

  5. OK, back to packing....

    Jennifer- Beautiful little girl!!

  6. Speaking of kid shirt sayings, Shannon's mom bought us a bright orange shirt for Keith that reads, "my parents are exhausted"

    Good one.

  7. You have to admit.......even though the world is wide open and she can be and do anything she dad gum wants to.......

    She is so so CUTE!

  8. Gramma Linda...............

    do you notice anything familiar in Prez Brynn's eyes?

  9. awwwww brynn looks sooo CUTE! ha ha ha


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