Friday, December 7, 2007


I am tired. I stay up too late, sleep too little and wake up too early. If you have a direct line to Toby, I would warn him not to mess with me today.

Stuff I want to do before leaving Conroe for a year
• Have a couple of kidless dates before going to the faraway land of Nobabysitter
• Eat at Rancho Grande. Maybe multiple times.
• See famblies and friends. This would be easier if I was less tired.
• Pack, find a house, cancel services, switch services, change address (boring, not what I'm really talking about)
• OH MY GOSH do they have Blue Bell? Research time.

• What else?

Smartypants is in business! Entertain me with your queries on the holidays, entertaining, etiquette, and whatever strange neurotic questions float amidst the gray matter!


  1. sure looks like they have Blue Bell

  2. Dear Ms Smartypants,

    Since you are a lover of Blue Bell Ice Cream, why do you think it's so good? Do you think it's because the dairy cows are contented? Perhaps it's the amount of sugar or another ingredient that makes it so tasty. This would be great research.

  3. Bonjour tout le monde.
    J'ai entendu des conversations par dessus l'épaule dernièrement qui m'ont fait penser qu'on était retourné dans le passé. J'ai presque dit "regressé". De plus en plus de mecs (de vrai hommes! -sic) parlent de leurs techniques de drague, et des discussions avec les filles...
    C'est dingue tout ce que vous pouvez entendre et voir dans ce genre de conversation.
    Mais ce qui me surprend le plus, c'est le nombre de conneries que les gens peuvent dire à la minute. Même pas forcément pour impressionner les autres, je ne sais pas. Ils jouent aux machos et disent des choses d'un autre âge (comme les différentes positions sociales et le fait que les femmes doivent rester à la maison pour s'occuper des enfants quand les vrais hommes (sic) sortent avec leurs amis et parlent d'autres "gonzesses" qu'ils auraient bien branchées si seulement....
    Je suppose que ce "si seulement" est la seule barrière qui les empêche de faire le pas, bien entendu. Ils sont sont si bons, s'empêchant de foncer pour ne pas encore briser un pauvre coeur innocent. C'est comme s'ils avaient pu sortir avec le monde entier, mais ne l'avaient pas fait par manque d'intérêt. Regardez-vous 5 minutes les gars...

    Merci pour les temps!

  4. wow
    not as much action as yesterday
    where is ev1
    where is batboy

    perhaps batboy is flying around sticking his nose in where it is not wanted

    perhaps batboy is hanging upside down in some unknown cave

  5. What!! how do you get to make a comment like "Guys named Josh are typically lame-os." above the comment box??

    Did anyone else notice this?

    Watch it, or you'll be adding to your list of things to do, "Kiss up to Josh so he'll bring his family to Yablonksi Christmas bash."

  6. I am a bat, as well as a BOY, I do not hang in caves. Often.

    I am here, collecting information and learning French.

  7. Bummer, I thought our prayers were answered and batboy had been killed.

  8. So, I'm coming in late on this...but I like the blue house too. That is a GREAT tree in the front yard. Just right for climbing. Wait...would Toby be tall enough to reach the first branch? I'm sure he'd find a way.

    I LOVE those old type houses. Reminds me of my grandmas' house from Illinois. They don't use much brick up there. Not sure why. Question is, what does the neighborhood around it look like??

  9. Prayers to the devil are seldom answered, "slim".

  10. I like the green carpet. Not my color of choice,mind you, but it would hide stains really well. Better than this all purpose nuetral sand color that shows everything.

  11. they're all cute in their own ways....

    i kinda like that last one for some reason

    plus, i like the red door, too..

    looks like older trees.... and sloping yards....

    lots of comfy features....

  12. Green House feels peacefullllllll

    I do not like any of the others at all........

  13. Wanda.........I wanda if TxRH goes all the way to KC....

    I wanda if Cinemark or The Grande or AMC is closest to the area....

    I Wanda if you can eat blue bell ice cream while searching for a TxRH in KC.......

    I wanda

  14. I wanda if RC will prefer the GH like his Mama.........

  15. Cinemark is in KC... TxRH is in Liberty, which I think is a little distance.

  16. Liberty not aunt and uncle lived there...

  17. My house is BLUE with a red door...

    Denim BLUE............Burgandy Door
    3 bedroom 1 bath.

    Copy cats...........

    I also have a basement......

    Mine has a rustic old timey dirt floor with an old fashioned low-set ceiling......and lots of ventelation........with extended extra large doorways, built when the "open concept" was first being introduced in our local elementry schools. Small colonial styled concrete blocked columns throughout the entire area......

    My house has an upstairs------

    large enough to stand in certain places without being pierced in the head by nails.......

    Large fenced in back yard with an old rustic swingset...

    Imitation is the strongest form of flattery......

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Dear Mrs Smarty Pants,

    I have a question, on a socio-ecological level. Is it weird for a person to take two showers a day. I was talking with a friend and she told me that i was weird for taking two showers a day. I do not see anything wrong with it.
    On a socio-level, i think i am the cleanest person i know, and a clean person is a healthy person.
    However, on an ecological pathway, they say i waste a lot of water.
    Your thoughts?

    I would like to remain anonymous in this, as i would not want your answer to cause division between you and I.


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