Friday, December 21, 2007

Lunching with the mommies... updates later
Happy Birthday, Georgia!

Okay, back. Last night was the Christmas party. Which, as you know, I am all about Christmas and parties. Unless I have to do something that takes work. Luckily, that was not the case. We improvised a skit... me and Jacob and Richy and Nick (Sanctuary Church). It had singing and dancing and questionable doctrine. We came in second place, to Nate and Leah in tights and Christmas tunics. Yes, both of them.

People keep saying the funniest thing to me. "Are you all ready to go? Packed and ready?" Are you kidding me? Heck no I am not packed. Without my trusty companion Richy, I am useless in the packing department. So, no. But tomorrow we will be packing fools, I imagine.

Lunch at China Delight today... my last time for a while. Dropped my books off at the library, didn't pick up any new ones. Wow. This is becoming real.

Today is the MOG's last day at Simplify. Well, he will still be working part time from home in KC. But his last day going to the office. It was God's provision, and I was grateful for it. But I will be really glad to get him back.

Doing some political thinking... I won't blog on it till my thoughts are clearer.

and a very Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Happy Bday to you..........Happy Bday to YOUUU

    Happy Bday dear Georgia.......

    Happy Bday to YOOOOOOOOOOOOU!

    To the bestest newest r2r cashier in the WOOOOORLD on the bestest happiest day of the year.......

    Happy 29th.!


  2. merry CHRISTmas!!!

  3. Good Morning...........Happy Saturday........

    Merry CHRISTmas..........


  4. r2r
    rags to riches?

  5. Its beginning to look alot like CHRISTmas.....all around the world.

    I have avoided the crazy WALMART and such...Unlike Smartapants..It causes me great anxiety to be in the middle of lots of crazy greedy panicy peeps.

    I go to TARGET where there is a little more civility...

    FYI- R2R=Rags to Riches
    R2R2=Rags to Riches Warehouse

    FMIL=Most favorite mother in law in the entire world.

    MOG-we all know...


    LOL=has two meanings. Laugh out loud AND .....dadgummit.

    I forgot the other one....apparently I need more chat room conversation to get brushed up on the lingo.....

    FYI====to all who want to spread the news......50% off everything at the location behind Pappas BBQ
    Saturday the 29th of December..

    ONE DAY ONLY. R2R only...

    DO NOT go trying to get these prices at R2R2....wont work....

    only R2R

    Hows that for a Merry After CHRISTmas Gift.....????????

  6. Ok, I'm probably the 5 millionth person to ask and everyone else knows already, so I should too if I were listening....but I don't. But...WHEN do ya'll leave for Kansas City???

  7. Jess told me that it was going to be EARLY EARLY EARLY ..........

    So I expected 3 or 4 am to be the answer........

    So when are you leaving Jess?

    27th at 5 am or 28th?

  8. vkg - i think you may have wrong meaning for TMI

    i thought TMI had another meaning...

    anyone else know?

  9. tmi= too much information

    Lisa- we leave early (8 or so) Thursday

  10. ok are josh & shan & keith gonna be at CTK in the am?

    will r1, jess & fam be there, too?

    jus' wonderin'.

  11. the Joshes will be at CTK
    and the Richys will be at Sanctuary
    so never the twain shall meet
    until the eve of Christmas

  12. Mama PC

    MOG we all know is Man Of God

    TMI "ditto" because we all know too

    Too Much Information

    LOL Lots of Laughs and Laugh out loud and Lots of Love and Lucy out to Lunch and Lillies on the Lake and Lunch out Later.......and lots of LUCK......and Linda Onasis Lightle..

  13. Merry Christmas Eve Eve

    O happy Day.........

    Sleeping Babies in my room......

    Who would ever wake up a sleeping baby.......

    Not unless you had the opportunity to go Shoe hunting in Parking Lots on the Way to CHURCH to WORSHIP GOD ........ and to See KEITH! o yea ...and his parents......

    I sure hope the little angels wake up on their own......soon......

    They need their sleep.......

    Bedste kept them out till almost 11pm........poor babies.....

    Between Walmart and Sams and Jan-R2somehow lost a shoe.......I think Jan must have grabbed it and tossed it as a practical joke or something......

    So the guys and I are shoe hunting on our way to see Keith this morning.......

    Or sleeping in all day.....

    havent decided yet...I will let Tobias decide........R2 will sleep till noon if you let him be...

    He is such a little man........

    He may not say too much YET but he sure lets you know what he wants.

    Happy Christmas Eve Eve.......

    God is good....

  14. from

    Famously, flagrantly liberal Austin has almost overnight become a crucial redoubt in a campaign to elect as president a libertarian Republican congressman from Lake Jackson.

    The strength of Ron Paul here is just another surprise in a campaign built almost entirely on the unexpected, delighting the candidate and confounding the experts. From the bursts of online political donations — nearly $11 million contributed by roughly 125,000 small donors — to the donors themselves — disaffected voters from both parties, idealistic political naifs, Constitutionalists (who believe in strict adherence to the Constitution) and anarchists — Paul's is the Keep Austin Weird campaign of this presidential election cycle.

  15. Well, I suppose we won't hear from Jess again for a while....

    hopefully she'll sign on one more time before traveling so we'll know if she got anything at all packed....

    Merry Christmas to all
    And to all a good night

  16. They have NOT asked for any more boxes.....

    either......they still have not even started packing or......

    They have packed at least one box and haven't used all the rest.

    or......they changed their minds and decided to wait and move next year......after Brynny is walking.

  17. I think that they are actually very busy packing up everything and that they have very wisely used each and every box to its full capacity.....and that they are now sitting by the fire...
    drinking hot cocoa and watching their children jump and play on all the packed boxes...just waiting peacefully for 3am Thursday get here.


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