Thursday, December 27, 2007

On le road again

on the road here... I'm excited all of the sudden. Its a pain to type on the iPhone so I'll catch up later!


  1. I love road trips. My extended family lives in Illinois, so we go through MO to get there. Very exciting!

    Last time we went, we frequented McD, much to my dad's dismay. We took the boys, so they needed energy burns at each stop. McD is just about the ONLY place along the way that has playlands. And if you can find it, some Brahms (YUMMM) and some Dairy Queens have play lands. And, oddly enough, Joe's Crab Shack.

  2. I think someone could make some $$ by convincing other places to build playlands at places like Taco Cabana. Or Olive Garden. Or Ryans. Or Rancho Grande.

  3. Gotta go do another Christmas thing. Christmas is SO not over yet. I even miss the music on KSBJ.

    Drive safe, guys!

  4. 99 bottles of milk in the car
    99 bottles of milk
    one gets sucked down
    don't pass it around
    98 bottles of milk in the car


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  6. If you want to see some pictures from this on the link below

    Goodbye Texas

    I know that you had a safe and exciting 20 hour trip (12 hour road trip with 2 babies and caravan)

    and I am anxious to hear all about it.

  7. First snow sighting now, about an hour from kc!!

  8. Oooo so great to hear from you....

    Miss you........

    Do we have to wait for you to unpack your computers before we get an actual update?'

    kisses to the crew from Bedste


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