Thursday, December 6, 2007


The MOG is flying to Kansas City this weekend to look at some houses... I was supposed to have like 10 scheduled but when it's all said and done there's only 4 appointments. Sheesh.

And all of them have redeeming qualities, and are not exactly what we're looking for.
Hopefully either we hit the jackpot with one of these or somebody shows him some non-listed houses while he's there. This is a little scary.


  1. those look very nice
    are they not big enough
    pleasant colours for sure

  2. frist in here today
    too bad so sad

  3. By looks alone, I'd go with the 2nd one. Looks big, with nice open yard, and it's mint green to boot.

  4. Unfortunately, its carpet is also green...

  5. ****************************4

    Keith typed that, I think he likes the 4th one : P

    It does look like a private yard.. surrounded by trees?

    I hope one of those is delightful.

    The Target incident would be soo hard.. especially wondering if anyone in the future would do it again! If that was someone from Target for sure, I think that it may have been an employee who thought it serious & called the police on their own.

    So in addition to the few slideshows on my blog.. I added one on myspace of our many winters, beginning with year 2000. Many fun & pretty wintery pictures!

  6. green is actually a neutral colour
    practically everything will go with it
    but there are some really, really ugly greens
    perhaps the 2nd house has other redeeming qualities
    if the green carpet is the worse thing about it - that's not bad

  7. Yep... and I think that one was pretty big inside...

  8. Green carpet can be good. When you kids pick their noses and just "fling it," your guest won't see it on the floor.

    Looks like a good size, narrow and long, like the house we live in when we moved form Texas. Coincidently, it was also a minty green color.

  9. are you sure there weren't any little pink houses available?
    pink would be so nice
    you could decorate with black poodles on the outside
    or at least black polka dots

    little pink houses for you & me


  10. The Green one is the only one I have peace tell your MOG not to waste his time looking at the others.....focus on getting a GREAT price on the Green one......


    I know how important it is for you to check with me on all decisions of this great magnitude.....


  11. Richy can practice his golfing techniches in all his spare time, and you can throw little throw rugs everywhere else.

  12. The 1st house has a red door.
    When I was young our pastor's home front door was red. They chose it, to represent the passover blood, like in the Scriptures. I wonder how many people in the world have red doors??

  13. db=music notes

    "When IIIIII see the blood,
    When IIII see the blood,
    When IIII see the bloooood, db db
    I will pass, db
    I will pass over you.." db db


  15. jess
    why would we want to
    "flirt with sexy single women in your area"

  16. the key is, look at the carpet I posted. Disregard the links that imageshack puts up there.

  17. Does the link cut off?
    try this one

  18. hey Josh- my hyperlinks work.

  19. is that OLIVE GREEN?


    Forget golf........

    You need a wall to wall ORIENTAL

    I know just the place to get one too..........

  20. what are you sheeshing, anonimi?

  21. have you lots of coats, ear muffs and mittens???

    what type of heating do those homes have?

    is KC a "hilly" area? i do not remember...

    i was there probably 28 years ago and i don't know if i have been since, but i don't remember houses looking like those... i guess i was more in "down town" during my trip there...

    good night

    just finished painting a lamb, a ram, a goat, a donkey, a cow, and 3 camels....

    well, nathan and hannah painted the bodies and netherlands of the camels....then, i painted their eyes, nozzrils, mouths and whiskers....

    you shoulda heard the convo about the "netherlands of the camels"...


    gotta sleep so I won't be mean or emotional tomorrow

    long day



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