Monday, December 3, 2007

Blog Uno

If this works, then good.

My kids want to get out of the house. But it is alarmingly cold. I hear you Yankees scoffing. Look, this is cold. Maybe there's no snow. Maybe there's no frostbite. Maybe, it's 40 something degrees. All I know is when I open the door, the Arctic wind blows in.

Maybe we'll go to the mall. Ay ay ay.

I feel very rich this Christmas. Not in a fiscal sense... But rich with my family around me and all this joy. And tantrums and snot and peanut butter wiped on everything, yes. But so much joy. I went a little nuts at the dollar store. It's very festive around here.

We move in 23 days. Is this really happening?


  1. You have to comment so I know you came over here...

  2. Can I post on this one, too?

  3. Yep! This works, too.
    I'm able to post on both.

  4. Okay, mama is anon. and that works

  5. Just to let you know MAMA is back and rejoicing. I will catch you later as I am at work.

  6. Hey, It took an act of congress, but I am in!

  7. How did you get in with your name? I can only do anon. Yo mama

  8. I had to recreate my blogger. When I told it my email address I told it I forgot my password and it sent me an email to reset my password and then I could get in. This is about what I do everytime, but maybe it will keep this time

  9. I think I have been out in cyberspace a VERY long time. It was VERY cold out there with no one to talk to at ALL. Once I was out there with Beebow but she wasn't even there any more. Our time is not like cyberspace time so I may be a lot younger now.

  10. Okay, Georgia. I may try that except I am still getting reaclimated.(acclaimated?) from out there. MAMA

  11. Must finish website. Will check in in a few more minutes. Great! I can talk and not just read now! Cool!

  12. No way am I going to be older.MAMA

  13. Yeah have to go back to Divaland now that I have returned from cybersp.MAMA

  14. I made stew last night. I love stew when it is cold, but alas, I am alone in the Velazquez house with my stew. They all made sandwiches and big messes and Michael went to whataburger( the guy with the money)

  15. mmm
    eatin pizza now
    was delivered free to our dept
    the best meals are the ones prepared/purchased by others
    goooood pizzzaaaa

  16. Welcome back, ladies.

    From what I've gathered, this not able to get into blogger thing is a female issue. Mama, G, and Leah are who Jess said had problems. Sounds like a female issue to me. Crazy women.

  17. I made stew last night, too... me and the MOG ate it. The boys just ate out all the chips (taco stew) and then sprinkled cornbread about the house.

  18. G- do you mean my original blog? the link is over on the sidebar, but its

  19. No Mom sounded like she had two blogs. I have some sort of an explanation. It appears to me that everyone who cannot get in is in close proximity to Jess. Those far away aren't having problems. Not a female thing as some of our more chauvinistic friends would like us to think

  20. Hey Josh! Merry Christmas! MAMA

  21. Spreading cornbread about the house. Sounds like mostly Toby.

  22. "Your mom's a woman."

    Good observation

  23. Where can I go to get a new picture of Keith Peterson?

  24. I actually spit me of computers so I have no blogs at all.But am rejoicing to talk to any Yablonskis and Josh, even if he is a mcp.

  25. Come on, Josh, you have to respond to the MCP remark.

  26. I must leave to sew because I am a Diva till 6PM. Will check back when the coast is clear. Love and kisses Yablonskis (includes Josh).

  27. He could be outside staring at Mt Rainier. Or bowing to some type of Boeing Gods.

  28. We will bow to me too!

  29. What is there to respond to?

    I agree that I’m a MCP.

    Shannon agrees that I’m a MCP.

    Many people agree that I’m a Mighty Cool Person.

    Thank you for the complement, Mama.

  30. Man, what a ugly kid

  31. What’s up with hyperlinks not working anymore? I guess you have to use the stone age method of copy and paste to your browser. That method is soooooo 2001.

    Pictures of Keith at:

    Videos of Keith at:

    Going back to work now. Good to chat with G and Mama again. We have been invited to crash your family get together Christmas Eve in Texas.

  32. That was in reference to Jessica's profile picture, not my dear grandson Keith.

  33. in response to josh's comment about not being able to comment on blog being a 'ladies' thing

    i think it's more a yablonski thing

    most ladies, i being one, have had no issues with blogging here or there

  34. No, I take it back, I was talking about Keith

  35. yablonskis can find many tasks difficult
    it may take a while for them to figure them out, take for example the blog
    yablonskis are also a busy lot
    so i would give them the benefit of the doubt re: blogging here or there
    they may not have had the time to work out the bugs, so to speak

    you can't live with 'em
    you can't live without 'em

  36. You could live without us. But it would be pretty boring.

  37. Who is this who can't live with us?

    I have a few comments for that anon.

    Hide behind the anon label, Huh?

  38. We would love you to crash our Christmas party, Josh and fam. Lacy's husband has promised to do the russian dance for us. He attempted it at thanksgiving and needed more practice. It should be interesting since Bob has gotten too old and crackly. Although seeing a 300 pd man do the russian dance is pretty cool.

  39. Yes, Keith is very cute. And growing sooo big

  40. Hey, can I come to Christmas?

  41. my dear gentle georgia
    please note that the comment was/is:
    can't live with 'em
    can't live without 'em

    the living without 'em is to be emphasized

    my dear gentle georgia

  42. if georgia is a true yablonski she would invite all anons to christmas as well

    just think
    yablonskis & anons together

    & all of 'em doing russian dancing

    what a merry christmas it would be

  43. god bless us everyone

  44. I want to come to Christmas. I would wear a hat, if that would be better.

  45. My head is a bat hat

  46. The Joshes are very welcome to the Yablonski gathering! I KNOW Josh can do the cossack dance among many other fancy steps. I have seen this phenomenon on many occasions and at all hours all over the US. It's something one can hardly forget.MAMA

  47. Will return. Am in themidst of Divadom. MAMA

  48. well, ain't that a kick in the head

    joshes are welcome

    but batboy & anons are not

    bah humbug

    i guess i'll have christmas at candy cane park

    batboy may join me if he would like to

    we could have a weiner roast
    then swing
    then climb monkey bars
    maybe a little teeter-tottering
    run all over the park
    laughing some more

    fun could be had by all

  49. Mama- Keith has picked up some of my fancy foot work. He loves music, especially some of the catchy cell phone ringers I have. He can hardly see my cell phone without demanding that I play some tunes so he can dance. Shannon has a good laugh watching.

  50. HOUSTON -- A Texas man didn't get very far after passing his driving test.

    The student driver crashed the car into the Texas Department of Public Safety building in Houston.

    DPS spokesman Tom Vinger said no one was hurt, and the license examiner wasn't in the car.

    According to Vinger, the man was parking the car, jumped the curb and hit a wall.

    The driver left a small hole in the side of the building.

  51. welcome back, many.

    It will be nice to see people on the 24th!

    Hmmm, cossack dance, I wonder if I've seen this, probably..

  52. I put 2 new posts on mine a few days ago, with pictures. sharin' the joy.

    a few slideshows on there also.

  53. Go Keith! Probably a chip off the old block.

  54. I remember one year when Josh and Richy got removed from the place in the mall where the foot massagers and massage chairs were on acoount they were dominating the furniture.

  55. Hey Bat good to hear your screech again. You are always welcome at our gatherings. Anon, I don't actually know you, as far as I can tell. Although you are giving yourself away by being able to spell. You are part of a very small group around here.

  56. The last 3 were me. I forgot to sign my name. MAMA

  57. I was able to post on the alpha-blog for a while as long as I signed in first....

    what about the mafia roots of the yablonskis?

    good thing we r celebrating Christmas eve since Christmas is a "fasting" day this year

  58. it is good that no one knows who i am
    it is good to be anon
    it is fun
    i don't care if i'm invited or not
    candy cane park is good for celebratin' anything
    or i could go down by the river
    under the bridge
    i hope there are no varmints



  59. that anon has a suspicious laugh

  60. Sooo......... this is where you are all hiding.........oooooo

    Most comments in ages......

    so blog really is broken...

    Happy December........

  61. A. Leah hasn't had problems; she just reads (occasionally)
    B. Georgia, Bob is crackly or cracky? (ask Nicole and Leah)
    C. I don't know what's going on, but Leah made stew too.

  62. wow! they really HAVE been reading....




  63. hey, what's wrong with the clock?

    pock pock

    it says it's 10 when I know it's
    twelve o'clock

  64. This blog is the alter ego blog....
    therefore.......time is altered a new deminsion....
    somewhere out there not unlike the

    twilight Zone...........


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