Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Bought a few Christmas presents today. It's very funny to buy them with little people around. I bought a keyboard for Toby (probably) with a mike. $9.88 at WalMart. God Bless Capitalism.

Anyway, of course he spotted it and in an amazing show of gymnastic strength, bent himself over the cart seat far enough to turn it on and play it a little. I let him, because I don't fight Happy Toby. I let him be. Once he got uncomfortable and mad enough, I hid it. Under his feet. He then raged for about 30 seconds until we passed something shiny or demonic, and it was forgotten. When I was going through the checkout line, he was frantically saying Guttaletta? and such. Which obviously means Do you want to get down? which means HE wants to get down.

So I let him and he looked under the cart, where the keyboard had been. MUAHAHAHA. He was very disappointed for 4.5 seconds, and then he started suggesting which candy bars I should buy him. And I, Stealth Parent, hid it back in the cart.

So THAT is awesome.

Now I have to figure out a present for R2, who also really liked the piano. Is it lame to buy them both the same thing? Would it even work, or would they still fight over the same one??


  1. 81 degrees in Conroe. 34 in Kansas City.

  2. how dare my Nana buy me and richy the same HE-MAN toy... or the SAME comic book.. geez what were they thinking!!?? We could of had SO much more...

  3. yeah, but if they both want it... I dunno

  4. Hey Arberto!
    How are you!? Hope to see you & fam when we are down there. : D

  5. Jess, the house looks soooo nice! I like the wood floors too. What sad timing for Richy to have a crutch while searching up there!

  6. okay, gotta put this cute toddler in bed, later.

  7. You could buy the other kid a saxaphone... that would be fun.

  8. You need to get one for ol Pacifist Paul...

  9. Current temp in Seattle is 39, but feels like 29.

  10. halo....

    there were 3 of us in my family - 3 girls all born within 4 years

    and our parents bought us 3 of the same presents... for several years....

    3 black leather purses
    3 dolls, with different hair colors
    3 piggy banks, all the same
    3 containers of the same powder
    3 sweaters, different colors
    3 sets of pjs, different colors, same style, different sizes


    but, i think a keyboard and a tuba are enough different that they would enjoy them. i think r2 would end up with the keys and fireball with the tubaphone


  11. that house IZZZ cute!

    but, we're still gonna miss you

  12. Keep an eye on Toby and that great old tree in the front yard. =)

    The house is even better on the inside!

    And SNOW!!! Sigh....I don't like cold weather, but snow is so pretty and fun and makes you feel like you are 5 again.

  13. RE: toys

    Yes, Arberto, you could have had so much more. But the adults wanted peace, sweet peace....=)

    If the items are small and fairly inexpensive -- they all get the same thing. Or they (the older two) will whine. And cry and yell for a long, long time. And, like you, I like happy children.

    If it is a larger item -- they just have to share, somehow.

    Sometimes it all boils down to -- how much $$ am I willing to pay for less whining? =)

    I think I'll just get them a box for Christmas. Very entertaining. That's what they usually end up playing with anyway. =)

  14. Lisa, i love that picture of the boys!

  15. On Toby,

    This past Sunday, i FINALLY got to have Toby in nursery, and it was really fun because for the first time (for me at least), since they were very very small, the whole crew of CTK boys who were born around the same time were in the nursery together. (Dominic, Lucas, Toby, Alex, and Isaac). - along with a lovely little girl named Maya who held her own quite well.

    O.k. as i said, i've never gotten to watch Toby before. So i was kind of interested. I've heard so many stories of his great unruliness......but alas, he was a perfect angel! He seemed very disappointed about the toy piano that only plays one note - but quickly found another toy. Remarkably, he completely avoided any of the eye gouging, hair pulling, and general brawling pursued by the other boys his age.

    He was a perfect angel in every way, and if i recall correctly, he even kept his shoes on! Which is HUGE for the nursery. NOBODY keeps their shoes on the whole time!

    Sadly, along about 11:45-ish or so, one of the other boys (who shall remain nameless) must've noticed that Toby was joining in the male bonding and decided that he must pick a fight and take Toby's toy, with which he was having quite a blast. Then Toby screamed bloody murder, and just at that second, Bedste was at the door ready to wisk him away to Bedste happy-land. Yay Bedste!

    My camera was out of battery, or i would've taken a truly beautiful group picture of them that i could compare with years to come. I love the age they're at now because they're really learning to interact, and their personalities are coming out so clearly. I get one more year with the crew before they start filtering into the three-year-old class. That will be a sad day. I will miss them. =)

    O.k. hope you enjoyed my early-morning rambling.


  16. Correction to above entry:

    Paragraph 4, line 3 should read

    noticed that Toby was NOT joining in the male bonding

  17. Beth-
    we'll be at CTK one last time next Sunday if you want to get a picture of the guys...

  18. isaac is home again (with his grandpa/ma)! maybe he can get in the pic

    lisa, that pic is so cute of your3


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