Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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So, even tho the arctic winds blow, and yea, ice is on the very road
as they say, come rain or hail or something something the mail must go through
or the show must go on
and telecom waits for no man
so my man is off to work

Today, I shall lay on the couch. With a large blanket. And read books and watch a movie. And my small people will roam freely until naptime, in which they shall sleep on the loveseat and in the playpen, respectively. And we will not open the door because it is COLD outside. That's the plan.

My younger son is a biter. He makes kissy sounds on your arm or leg, and then CHOMP.

Lurkers- tell us a little about yourself. Heck, tell us about ourselves... everybody knows me, easy. I go around talking about my innards everyday. But like, what about my Northern friends who have never met my Southern friends... whaddya think?

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