Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy Yoo Near!

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Well, here we go, folks. 2007. This was supposed to be the future. And what... no hovercrafts, no personal robots... nothing. Sheesh.
We do have electric cars. That's cool. But I just want a minivan, you know?

Well, I have a very cute video I want to show you. But, it never came to my email... so you shall have to wait. Surely by now the groceries are unloaded! I digress.

You know why I hate New Years resolutions?? Fear of failure... and laziness. And yet, I can't help making them to myself. That's right, to myself. I don't want the accountability of the world wide web.
116 days to go on this pregnancy. That's to 40 weeks, which is my goal. 116 days, 1 day at a time. Not too bad, eh?

Last night we laid here and talked in the New Year. We watched the neighbors fireworks out the window. It was boring, and sweet. Our boys were long since asleep...

New Years 1994/95... we (me, richy, rob, steph) were pushing Richy's car to the gas station.
95/96 I don't know... fireworks at Living Branch
96/97 Fireworks under the Loop. Bottle rockets, over the loop. This was probably illegal.
99/00 New Years party at Doug Blakes... we were all waiting for Y2K. What a bummer that was.
02/03 The Call Kansas City
03/04 Worship at CTK, fireworks at Radiantville
04/05 ditto
05/06 A quiet celebration at the hospital NICU. Toby had an IV in his head and we called it a party hat... he was basically fine by that point, so it wasn't sad or anything
06/07 Waiting for Brynn...

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