Monday, January 22, 2007

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Happy Monday, folks...
I'm going to leave anonymous commenting on, as I have enjoyed all the anonymous commenting. If we start getting spammed, I'm axing it.
Doctor's appointment today, 2-ish... I will update on ye Blag. Note: I generally do not feel like talking on the phone post-doctor. This does not indicate hospitalization and labor, only weariness from the ordeal.
My muscles are a wreck... back to back bedrests make Jane weak.

Man, quilting is complicated. I never knew there was so much involved... I have ordered Quilting for Dummies... we'll see how I do.

It was a good weekend... the first since Richy started working that didn't feel panicky and rushed. Plus, I am just not going anywhere... I start getting this take-me-out-to-eat bug and stuff always happens. No, no, no no no no way Jose. I am locking down for 9 1/2 weeks. Only leaving for appointments... that is the plan.

Nothing more to say. Except a few more things. But that's all.

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