Tuesday, January 23, 2007

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So yesterday... worked on designing my quilt in the morning... all on the computer so far.
Then I ate lunch and drank my orange drink.... my gestational diabetes test drink which is supposed to zap my blood sugar to the sky and then they test my blood.
So, off I went to the doctor. And began the waiting. 2:00 arrival, in for my blood test at 2:20. Pretty quick.... a few more minutes, time for my progesterone shot. It hurt this week... Then Dr Reed and the other exams.... but my cervix is the same, so YAY! That was my main concern. Then she says she wants me to go ahead and get the steroid shots, in case Brynn is premature at all... so, ok. She has to go check and see if they can do them at her office.
So I am done, I am instructed to go wait out there and see what's happening. They are on the phone with the insurance people... it is taking forever. WAITING. And they are griping about inter-office stuff, which is funny for an innocent bystander. Waiting.
Ok, no they can't do the shot here... I have to go over to the hospital and get it there. Ok. Wait, today? Waaaaaaaah... I already got stuck TWICE. But, off I go down to the lobby to wait for Leah to pick me up and drive me over there... I maybe coulda walked, but I am supposed to be on bedrest.
So I get to the hospital, wrong desk, then off to Labor and Delivery.... ugh.... but! just for the shot. Waiting... really long waiting. Ah, the triage nurse has a dead battery on her cell. So I get in a triage room... and I wait some more. We're talking about HOURS here in L&D. She is a nice nurse, a little chatty about the dead babies topic, but friendly... waiting for the prescription.... by now wer're talking 4:45... and Leah needs to go... so I call and I will get a ride home IF I ever go home.
Of course, 5 minutes after Leah leaves, the nurse is there ready with the shot. OH MY WOW. OUCH.

So now, it's almost 5 and my best bet is to wait till 545 for Richy to get me after work. So I decide to go and pre-register, since supposedly that means I won't have to recite phone numbers to various nurses when I am dilated to 8 and I can't get my epidural yet... oh wait, that was last year. Anyhoo... registration can't take me right now, another victim. So I go get some ice from the hospital ice machine and watch Seinfeld for 20 minutes in the waiting room... she called me back right before I would have had to change channels.
Preregistered... another 20 ish minutes to kill... I thought. Off to the grill where YES I CAN WAIT for a grilled cheese sandwich.
6:15. I get picked up from my 2:00 appointment and wait until 9 so please can I go to sleep.
But no, insomnia. I give up at 4 am and go downstairs for a few hours. Come back up and lay down. No sleep, anywhere. So here I blog.
And I have to get the other shot today. In my progesterone-riddled hip. Somebody call the waambulance.

Ah, and if anybody wants to help organize some casserole-ish cooking ladies for a couple of days a week... we could really use the help....

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