Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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So I got a little sleep... I am still pretty much exhausted but hopefully the steroids will wear off soon and I can get rested.

I will be updating my other blog soon with food preferences and such...
Fantasy Blog

Drugs... I have lived a relatively drug-free life until the advent of all these babies. Now I am pumped up much of the time... currently just progesterone, steroids, and magnesium supplements.... terbutaline if needed. Ah, and Ambien, around the corner. I have some kind of crazy reaction to antihistamines... I can't sleep, and, while I don't hallucinate, I talk like I am. I wake Richy up in the middle of the night talking about swords, or seafood ... random things. And at the time it makes perfect sense to me, and I am very frustrated with his laughing hysterically. I can't take cough syrup, Benadryl, Tylenol PM, or Unisom. They speed me up. Curious. On the other hand, I can take Ambien or Vicodin with no side effects whatsoever.
It's just funny learning all about this stuff since -during my few non-pregnant days, I don't even take aspirin.
So there you go.

My fuzzy brain is slow this morning, I will read yesterday's comments but you may need to repeat questions... don't boycott me hastily.


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