Thursday, January 11, 2007

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So, here's my last day in the 24th week. Nice.

I decipher, in some research, that this is National Delurking Week?
I guess I missed it. But, fear not! We shall have Delurking week here next week! I will allow anonymous comments and let's see who's in the lurkage up around here!
And go visit all the blog links over there -------->
and say wassup and such.

Goodbye, all India goers! Have a blast!!!

Still in bed here. Toby is barricaded in my room with me and is very offended that he cannot go and wake up R2.

Stay tuned for updates on my condition.... the phone is ringing over here too darn much. I'll just tell you all here. I am doing very well. I am having regular contractions but my cervix isn't changing. So I am laying down the majority of the time and that helps. I am not lonely, although I miss my hubby a LOT now that he goes to work for the majority of his life.
I can always use books and food. So there you go. I love you all! Well, all the humans, anyway.

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