Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Yeah... too quiet...

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So last night after dinner... I am happily internetting away... my boys are playing on the floor. As these things go, I don't notice when they leave. I am just chatting, surfing...
After a while Richy starts coming and pointing... since this is almost a momentary ocassion in our house, I ignore him. He comes back, again, and again. Finally I hear Toby behind me and turn around. He is BLUE from head to toe. Not death/not breathing kinda blue... a soft powdery silver blue. I panicked and ran over there... I could not figure out what he had gotten in to! But he was COVERED! I look in the bathroom and there it is... an old makeup kit... needless to say, he finished it off. It was a creme based eyeshadow, and it took some serious scrubbing... I was just laughing and laughing because, come on! What is cuter than a Silver Moonlight faced Toby? A confused one?
Our first mishap of this kind. Cabinet latches, anyone?

Ah, and today. YOU MUST VOTE. This election is critically important. There are voter guides at CTK and the library, if you're the researching type. Or, if you're the pregnant type alone with 2 kids - go ahead and vote straight Republican! Very quick!

Happy happy phone call at 6 am... "Come open the door!" YAY!

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