Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Blog is not dead...

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It's just dormant, see? But now I need the troops to rally - as once again, I am on bedrest and will use your comments as a source of entertainment.
So, if people ask you how I am doing... the condition of my uterus, cervix, etc... direct them here. Or if they are just nosy and like to be privy to the details of a person's life, right here on the internet... again, here.
And let the wit begin.

I wrote "let the pith begin" as in pithy, pithiness... but on further research, discovered that pith is part of a plant, or some sort of severing cattle parts. Not what I meant. So, I edited.

Please pray for me, continue.. my doctor is unavailable this week and the other doctors won't do anything as Question Mark is not "viable". So all I got is Jesus. (which is pretty good, no?)

Richy, testing Toby's strength

Is he cute...I ask you...

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