Friday, November 10, 2006

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** I posted this this morning, and it never showed up. If the other one arrives, disregard it.

Today... the alarm went off at 7:54. This was by no means the FIRST time the alarm went off... but it was the last. Simultaneously Toby started crying in the next room, and R2 pushed open our door.
Thus, Friday began.

Last night was Bill's wedding rehearsal, which went the way of wedding rehearsals. Although, to my knowledge, there were few shenanigans and THAT is different. Then it was off to Margaritas for the dinner. Now, I gotta get gut level with you here... Margaritas has, in the last few years, fallen from one of my favorites to one of my least favorites... I grade based primarily on salsa. And this bright red Pace- looking relative is not on the chart. Cinco has also fallen from grace, watering down a truly great recipe... (plus, just not great customer service...). Now, Rancho Grande... you might have heard me refer to this in my youth as Grand Raunchy... they have gone up to #1 as I discovered the best salsa. I could drink the stuff. Awesome... and secondarily, the lunch specials EVERY day. Masterful.
But I digress.
Margaritas, yesterday, however was great! We had a fajita buffet and the young fry feasted on beans and rice... it was very good. And I sat by Larry of the Reicherts and he concocted little mixtures for me to taste... a lemon salsa, a bean and cheese mixture. Good stuff. Fun was had by all.
And Bill is giddy. From moment to moment he could burst into tears or start skipping.

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