Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend update

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Well, the birthday party was a great success... they ate, they played football, they fell down the stairs (small people), they ate some more, and played Risk into the night... well into the night. It was great to have our house filled up with people.

I am still steadily having contractions... Dr Reed is out all week for Thanksgiving, so I am requesting a prescription for the hell-drug terbutaline without having to come in... we shall see if the other docs permit that.

Perhaps you wonder about my emotional state. I am either fine or in denial. I don't like having contractions. I wish they would stop. But I don't feel terribly worried about them right now. Still, please pray for them to stop.
I am doing a self-imposed (spouse-imposed) modified bedrest now... laying down most of the time and not picking up Toby, etc. Things, unless I am healed, will probably get stricter in the upcoming weeks.

The Yablonskis are coming for Thanksgiving... I will have to lay real still all Wednesday so I can laugh my head off on Thursday.

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