Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Richy took Toby to the doctor again today.... that poor baby. If anybody even has a runny nose around him, he gets sick. Sigh.

Laying in bed, listening to Rush Limbaugh... echoes of my childhood. Only this time, I have to lay down. Or lie down.

Here's my typical day... awake around 8:30 ish... listen to Toby whining while Richy makes his bottle
Eventually I go downstairs and eat something... oatmeal, maybe. Then I lay on the couch.
After a while I go back upstairs and lay in my bed and surf the web... when Toby takes a nap sometimes I sleep, too.
I don't read any books because I have read all the books here and I am waiting for new books at the library. Once or twice a week I watch a movie.
Back downstairs for lunch (I may be grounded to upstairs soon)
and so on. It's not as boring as it sounds. There are 3 couches that I could lay or lie on. And I can lay on my left or right side. Limitless possibilities, there.
And in my room I can look at the bathroom, the ceiling or the window. So, it's not that boring, see?

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