Monday, November 6, 2006

things I am thinking about

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• Ted Haggard scandal.... this is so sad. For one thing, when it came out, I dismissed it. Not him. And to hear the talk radio hosts joke about it and see it on the headlines... what a disgrace to Jesus. It weighs on me. I hate Christianity getting known for this kind of hypocrisy, and I hate the destruction sin causes. Could be any one of us, I know. But when it's from a platform like that, it's public.

• Saddam verdict... evidently another 2 months of appeals and then, if the verdict stands, he will be hung within 30 days. This is history happening. Amazing. Is it wrong to want this evil man to die? Because that seems the just way.

• Richy is coming home... they are driving 15 hours today and then I don't know tomorrow... they plan to arrive and set up for Radrev at 4. It's been a long 11 days. And a lot of poopy diapers. I need a vacation.

• Birthday party/lunch for Richy and Rob this weekend. Sunday to be exact. My casa grande.

• Mommy meeting today.. and then the mommies are coming to lunch over here. I am making split pea soup in the crock pot. I hope it works.

• My brain feels like it's turning back on. I guess I have 6 months or so until I have new-baby brain again for a while.

• A crash downstairs. No tears. And yet, I should investigate.

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