Friday, November 17, 2006

all done fasting/ BIRTHDAY PARTY

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Well, I am ending my fast early as I miscalculated and was planning on ending this morning. Richy continues to fast. I've had a good day or two, very few contractions... I just need to be at peace no matter what my body is doing, you know?

Richy's interview went well... no word yet. Hopefully we'll hear something today.
17 weeks today! 20 weeks to go to be "full-term"! Not bad, eh?

Toby went to the doctor again yesterday. But not his doctor... just the one who was available. Very strange, I am older than a lot of doctors. Very very strange. So anyway, we got the new doctor. She said she just started practicing in February. Should they tell you this? Also she mentioned that she doesn't really know what works yet, so she just does what they did where she trained. Which is fine. But does not inspire confidence.
I like old male doctors who know a lot from experience. But still listen to what I read online and at least act like maybe I know something. Anyway, we got albuterol and steroids for breathing treatments every 4 hours. He LOVES the nebulizer. I have to take a picture of him smiling and chewing on the mouthpiece. He is already much better.

** I forgot to announce! Richy and Robert's birthday party! My house! 1:30 Sunday... I am making chili! All invited!

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