Thursday, February 26, 2009

on why I need a maid, or Ritalin

I am not so much of a housekeeper. I know, I know. You are saying to yourself, "But how can this BE? Clearly Jessica is such a dedicated and motivated organized stay at home mother!" If so, uh, that's weird. You think about me too much. Maybe get a hobby. 

It's the truth, though. I hate cleaning. I like doing laundry, all the way until the clothes are folded and put back in the baskets to be shoved in drawers, "later". I like sweeping, because the results are so conclusive. HATE dishes. Loathe and despise. Detest. HATE. I am also not so fond of cleaning bathrooms. That one is kind of a circular whats-it, I hate cleaning it because it's disgusting, and it's disgusting because I hate cleaning it. 

Another flaw, I put things about. Like stacks of papers, over here. And a pile of clothes to be hung, here. And this dangerous screwdriver or what have you, way, way up here so no one in particular will stab their sister with it, or stick it in the toaster, because "I just need to cook this." 

(disclaimer: some of this is humor, and I do in fact keep the house clean enough for CPS to have a place to sit, if they scoot over a little laundry.)

All this to say, I am trying to pick up the joint a little, since my MOG is coming home from Caleefornia today, and he is a bit of a neat freak. ("Neat freak is a term made up by lazy people," he counters. Freak.) So I have been doing  a little here, and a little there, oh, and I bleached the bathtub. So that's gonna make a good impression. ("Egads!" he'll say, stepping over a laundry hamper with 6 baby dolls a shredded coloring book, and a shoestring. "Look at this tub! It's like the wind-driven snow!" That's what he'll probably say, anyways)

One of the problems is, I tend to get a bit distracted. Like now, with the blogging and such. Next to me is a giant stack of clean laundry, just waiting to be sorted and folded and put in baskets  for us to dig through for a week to be put away, lickety-split. Right after I do some other stuff.

In my defense, it is pretty hard to clean amidst the tempest that is Toby. This is him, post-nap, ZERO sugar, ZERO red dye. Just pure energy.


  1. Such a beautiful thing. Pure joy in action. What beautiful kids. I have always thought that Toby reminded me of someone and I wondered who it was and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Seeing the video reminds me of Michael. He was just like that, so pumped full of energy. Just think Toby may end up being a real calm thinker like Michael is. What a contrast.-G

  2. Whew! I need to go lay down. Mama

  3. Wow! That is exactly how Keith is! He loves to run through the house. He usually ask me to play chase with him within 10 minutes of getting home.

    Keith has been watching the Veggie Tales Pirates movie, so yesterday he was acting like a comb was a sword. It was pretty funny. Will have to post a video.

  4. haha! if only you could redirect that energy to clean the bathroom....

  5. Can we bottle Toby's energy?? I really think that would be a HUGE product that could make mommy LOTS of money so she could HIRE a maid!!!!

  6. I love that in the beginning, Toby is running around like mad, and Brynn looks like she's checking out her hair.

    What happens if you give him sugar?

  7. wow! tornado-man! where DOES he get all that energy? Mama was Jess that active? Bedste? Richy?

    none of my kids EVER had that kind of energy! if I take myself back years - perhaps Hannah was the MOST active.... but Toby could spin CIRCLES around MOST kids!

    get Hann to help you with that laundry! it's her FAVE-RITE thing to do... HONEST!

    does Han still live up there?

  8. Jessica..... Martha will have volume TWO out soon!

    Mama PC------YES..... but my babies spent the majority of their lives in the great out doors breathing fresh air and eating dirt.....

    Back in the day.....

  9. Boeing confirmed 2 employees were killed on Turkish Airlines crash, another is hospitalized, and a fourth's condition is still unknown. All are from the Seattle area.

    Please pray for some Boeing families today.

  10. Also, hope over to my blog to get the skinny on my business idea and the recording of my call-in to the Dave Ramsey show.

  11. pal, i am a good house cleaner like you. dishes being my specialty. i'm so glad i don't have a dishwasher here in uganda. and only one sink for both washing and rinsing. and only cold water that comes out so that i have to boil water in a kettle for washing dishes. i love it. it's my favorite thing to do. won't it be so sad when i move to america and have a real dishwasher to take away my favorite thing to do at home... ? won't it be sad... ? won't it be

    FOUR MORE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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  14. lindsey-- woohoo 4 months!
    you could use the dishwasher for storage-- haha

  15. Ok, this video reminds of the scene in Home Alone where the kid realizes that he is actually HOME ALONE!!! Remember that? He jumps on mom & dad's bed & runs all over the house acting goofy.

    'Nuff said.

  16. Hey Jess...... Just what you are looking for...

    Everyone that I love

    I wanted to let you all know that I am seeking a babysitting job if you ever hear of anyone needing care for their little ones. I can care for them in my home Monday thru Friday. I'd prefer kids older than 1 year if possible. I think I can handle up to 4 toddlers here with Rachel.

    Please pray with us as we move on in faith about this. Call or email me with any needs as you get them. (936) 689 - 9800 Thanks for thinking of me!!!

    Happy Trails!!


    Meredith Peterson

    "All your children shall be taught by the Lord and
    great shall be the peace of your children." Isaiah 54:13

  17. Meredith,,,,,, I hope you get someone who needs your services. you are a very patient kind gentle mommy and I know you are the same with other children.


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