Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama fixes my teeth, part 1

I have a dentist appointment today, at the Kansas City Free Health Clinic. Looks pretty nice, eh? 

Now, I am a good conservative, but I take me some welfare when I need it. Like this time... my teeth are so jacked up. So I was googling some options, and found this place. I had to call at 8 am for about a month, like dial, hangup, dial until finally I got an appointment. So I will bring proof of my budgetary constraints, and then I will wait and wait and hopefully get some fillings fixed and what-not. I don't doubt that this trip downtown and ensuing appointment will be entertaining. I will bring a spiral notebook for the sake of live-blogging. 


  1. Is this sans kids? Could be interesting.

  2. That's good. The patrons of the free clinics tend to bring their 7 sick, covered in snot pre-schoolers with them. You don't need to repeat what you just recovered from.

  3. Where are the kids??? Have fun Jess!!!

  4. Hey Jess I came across this sight and thought you should check it out.

    http://www.writersmarket.com/ It helps you find places to sell your writings.

  5. way to go jennifer!
    i am fully convinced
    of the martketablility
    of jess's works

  6. our Prezident is on right now... are you watchin'?

  7. Nope. I'll read highlights tomorrow.

  8. i missed the prez.

    too bad

    i had to go to the dog
    breeders to pick up my
    little munchkins!

    but i like to listen to
    to see what i can glean
    about what kind of man
    he really is.

    you can tell alot about
    a person by listening

  9. our house decided to pass. the emotional distress normally caused by an Obama speech can be significant. we weren't prepared to endure it this time.


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