Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not interesting, except maybe that one part

R2 went back to school today. He's been out for 2 weeks due to sickness and overly celebrated presidential holidays. The MOG is really wanting to pull him out of school entirely and homeschool him... problem is, the MOG routinely takes off to beautiful exotic places for weeks at a time, wherein he plays his guitar and does not eat or shower. So that would make HIS doing the homeschooling a challenge. In fact, I think I would end up being the homeschool boss and I already tried that, a lot.

I like the fact that R2 goes to school, and he has a strict routine and all his therapies and everything right there. So we're staying the course for now, and will re-evaluate after this school year.

In other news, I did work out this morning, at the Y. At one point, one of the childcare workers came and got me off the stair-stepper thingy and had me come change a poopy diaper. I mean, isn't that kind of their job? Then there was an emotional crisis when I left post-diaper change for the remainder of my workout. Overall, a questionable choice on the part of the daycare ladies...

In other, other news, my hair is a violent shade of auburn today. I couldn't take the half-blond, half-red anymore. We'll see if this one takes or if the blonde wins again.

Blah blah... pretty boring today.


  1. I am glad you are finally taking the bull by the horns with your commitment to Team B Tred. So far it is just me and you and frankly I don't know if those girls in team one can keep up with us. Hmmm... I think I'll have a little more cream cheese in my potato soup-G

  2. I am all for R2 being stimulated and potty trained and socialized at school... Amazing because I was so against it... He seems to be blossoming and really enjoying school.

  3. G- there is a shortage of portly Praise Dancers... well, maybe there's no shortage, but still. Tred doesn't have any, and they need us.

  4. OMG....such a BRAT!

    Thank you baby........

    this is so so so much better..... PERFECT


  5. we have lots of portly banner wavers and such at CTK ... NEW TREND!!!

  6. I think portly is where it's at. I have informally joined the Tred girls from time to time and have added a truly phenomenal aspect to it. Mama

  7. Actually some people said they have never seen anything quite like it. Mama

  8. Portly women rule. Don't let anybody kid you. Mama

  9. people don't know what they're missing, skipping prayer meetings...

  10. people
    men & women
    of all sizes & ages
    should be a part of tred
    what fun
    what joy

  11. you people are too funny!

    ok - let's have a contest! who wants to join?

    those of us who have "portliness" to lose can de-port together as a team....

    Team DePortation - those who tred on whine and skip on cheeze

    we'll join tRed NEXT year....

  12. You folks must be snorting some crazy stuff.

  13. just air my friend
    just snorting air
    come to think
    air is crazy
    crazy stuff
    oh my

  14. Yes! I am so glad yall agree with me. Leah will be ecstatic with all the new recruits!-G

  15. Maybe ecstatic is not the word Leah would use;






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