Wednesday, February 11, 2009

george bush gave us a fever

So, if you missed the late-breaking update yesterday, it was actually worth the trip to the doctor. Brynn has at least one ear infection, probably both ears. Since she was doing her lucifer-falling-from-heaven impression while they were checking, they didn't get a real clear look in the second ear. Not that it mattered. Antibiotics work all around. 

Richy also has an ear infection, a nasty one. Poor kid. Luckily he really likes Amoxicillin. He chugs it very cheerfully, inspiring jealousy in the only non-infected kid in the household. 

R2 has been out of school for over a week, and he would maybe be okay to go back tomorrow, but they have President's Day holidays Friday and Monday. (hail obama, may he live forever)

Today, the boys seem much better. Bean is definitely still feeling bad, and even fell asleep when I was holding her. She never does that, she is a busy, busy little person. So I kind of enjoyed it, even though it's sad for her and all. She is also the only one still running a fever. 

And as to the sickness... it was referred to, in medical terms, by our medical personnel, as "some kind of nasty virus". So I feel much better knowing that. 

The MOG stands, a bastion of health in a diseased sea. He continues to check his temperature every few hours, and has yet to run a temp, much to his hypochondriac disappointment  delight. He has figured out how to get record temps by breathing on the probe, but I ain't fallin  for it. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.


  1. Kisses to all my babies in KC!Richy! I see those cookie crumbs! mama

  2. "Hail Obama, may he live forever" has me laughing so hard...

  3. Jess - how DID you get so funny?

    ps - make Hannabar clean your filthy house - she's very good at it! i should know!


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