Monday, February 9, 2009

just do it. it needs to be done.

Back in the old days, before the fever, I asked for some blog topics. I was planning on whining some more today about how sick we all are and how terrible I feel and how dirty my house is, but naaah. I'll take on one of y'all's subjects instead. (yes, that is a double apostrophe. I am from Texas)
So here you go:

Viking Granny!!!! said...
You could write the pros and cons of an older single woman adopting a child and being too attentive and the perfect parent... versus.... not adopting at all because she is TOO OLD
January 30, 2009 11:45 PM

Well, to begin with... OLD is in your head. My mom used to say, "Oh, they decided to be old when they were 40." and it was true. And if that's your bag, (not yours, Eva, but in a general sense) to start being old, then go on ahead. Now, some things are inevitable, and if your bladder falls out or what have you, then yeah, that's real. I'm more talking about reasonably healthy middle-aged people who are waiting to die. But, I digress.

Adoption is so, so important. Would I recommend infant adoption to a 50 year old? Well, yeah. If you expect to live a long time and you are willing to spend a couple of years not sleeping... Plus, you already know a heck of a lot by that point... and kids need families. Especially kids with special needs. 
(let me add this: I am answering her question, but I think most people could, and should adopt)

My friends Tracie and John are in the Ukraine right now adopting two special needs kids, to add to their 4 kids at home. Watch this video and see what Jesus is doing through flesh and blood people.
John's blog.

Want to see more kids like this? Look
here. Hands and feet. These kids will live their lives in orphanages... is having OLD parents worse than that? :)

That's too scary? Let me say this part straight. There is nothing wrong with adopting healthy white newborns. The thing is, that's what
most people want. I am afraid it is creating a supply/demand ratio that is unfair to young pregnant women, who are pressured toward giving their children up when maybe they could keep their babies, and be good mothers... and it also shortchanges kids in greater need.

digressing again? maybe you hit a passionate topic. I am having a hard time staying focused.

So the white healthy newborn market is a bit of, well, a market right now.

There are babies in much greater need of families, that don't have long lines of potential parents waiting for them. These kids? Special needs, minorities, and the greatest need of all- foster care.

Okay, that's all on that for now. More another day.


  1. hey jess and richy,

    if you can see this, can
    you please call your
    mama in texas right away?

    it's pretty important

  2. "These kids will live their lives in orphanages... is having OLD parents worse than that?"


  3. my pal knows how to say it how it is. yikes! thanks for saying so.


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