Tuesday, February 10, 2009

how my kids get unsick

The most effective way to cure children is to make a doctor's appointment. We have one at 3 today, and it seems to have made everyone well. I love this, because it makes me look like a psychotic helicopter parent, who brings their kid to the pediatrician for a hangnail. 

A few times, I have just waited it out and we end up in the hospital. That's the other alternative. 

So we'll go, and it will take forever, and they will look at me kindly and tell me that kids get sick sometimes. I will refrain from telling them that sometimes my kid gets his BRAIN opened and stuff put inside. I will refrain. 

Instead, I will sit anxiously on the edge of my seat when they tell me Brynn has a temperature of 99. "Is that okay??" I will ask, wide-eyed. "What should I do?" They will tell me what to do, which I already know because I have the internet. Maybe someone will mention infant Tylenol. (I will scribble Tylenol on my notepad) Then we will come home. 

Too bad I can't rely on what I'm pretty sure will happen. Because, every now and then you go up there and they tell you that your kid is actually, truly sick and you should have brought them in sooner. That's the way of it. Peace.


  1. I "thought" I was probably very sick a couple of weeks ago. I felt terrible, sneezed constantly and went through tons of tissues. not wanting to make my students sick, I figured I should go to da doc.

  2. dear jess.

    would sardonic decribe
    the mood you are in?

    you are so cute.
    i love your style

    and i know what you mean
    it's hard when life
    appears to be
    one big judgment call after

    trying to unravel
    "love" vs.
    have "faith"

    i love you


    oh, and
    i emailed the MOG
    about the paypal button which
    appeared not to work
    but alas you all were
    "fasting" internet

    maybe i will just
    try again.

    but now i have to wait
    until i get paid.

  3. I was amazed to hear him say "you're not sick". it was the tree pollen. crazy stuff.

    glad the kids are better. its always a timing game...

  4. I heard 'bout Leah's foot.How is she doing?


  5. Here's the quick version:
    For anyone who doesn't know, Leah and I have a ministry called trEd, which is primarily a dance/percussion/arts ministry, and we were ministering at a conference in Houston this weekend.
    Saturday morning while dancing spontaneously during worship, Leah landed awkwardly on her left foot. We thought a strain, or at worst, a stress fracture. Today, x-rays confirmed the worst: a full fracture of the leftmost metatarsal on her left foot. This bone, maybe 5-6cm in total length had splintered and shortened over 1 cm. The podiatrist said the sure solution was surgery, plate with pins, etc. But, he knew we were self-pay (no insurance...another subject!), and said the hospital would not take us without the upfront cost of ~$25,000...
    So, next option was for him to manually "reduce" the fracture and try to reset without surgery...an in-office procedure. So after a few local pain shots, he made about four (quite aggressive) attempts to correct it. He was about 70% successful, but there was too much swelling for him to fully correct it. He thinks he can finish it, but needs the swelling to recede before he tries it again on Wednesday. The process is quite painful and upsetting, but we are praying for success.
    Since Leah is a dancer, it is especially important that this break heal completely, as we don't want to have to deal with years of complications as a result. Please join us in praying for complete and miraculous recovery!

  6. and the verdict is.... two, possibly three infected ears and "some kinda nasty virus", plus a sleep study is scheduled for R2.

  7. I took Madison to the doctor today because she was running a 103 temp all night and started throwing up around 4:30 this morning. You know fun stuff. And they always want to see her because of her asthma and history of hospitalizations and such. So we waited 2 hours to find out she has the flu and then another 2 hours to fill her perscription. We finally get home and the medicine tastes and smells so bad she can't keep it down. So I am wondering if the time and money spent was all just a waste of time.

  8. That's a tough break for Leah - no pun intended.

    I'll be praying with you all for God's complete healing! Amen.


  9. the internets are slow when viking granny fasts...


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