Thursday, February 5, 2009

call the waaambulance

ALL RIGHT! Shoooot.... you'd think I was getting paid for this. 

As I write, there are two naked toddlers watching TV and a very mad little boy laying on the couch. I don't know why he's mad. It is one of the continual frustrations for a mom with a non-verbal child. As to the naked toddlers, the girl-child has a rash I am trying to let air-dry, and the male child is going to be potty trained so help me God. And clothing hinders him. 

I plan on taking on many of your suggested topics, on a day that I don't have my own topic to discuss. Today, I want to whine. 

R2 has been home sick for several days. He had  a seizure a couple of days ago, which we didn't catch. We only knew because he couldn't stand and was disoriented when he woke up and then he slept all day. So it was a minor one. Since then he's been running a low fever, which is no big deal for a normal kid but a real risk for us. So I took him to the doctor and she thinks he just has a cold. Which is fine, but the fever continues. Stresses me out.

Waaa... right? I mean, he's the miserable one. But he doesn't have a blog to whine on, and I do. I just wish he could talk. When he was born, I just wanted him to live. And I'm so glad he lives, and does so much more than what was predicted. He's already a miracle.  I just get so tired sometimes of being locked out of his world. 

In perspective, his disabilities are minor. And I am a wuss. 

Let this be a lesson to you. Clamor for a post when I am in a whiny mood, and voila! whiny post. 


  1. naked toddlers, frustrated boys, and a pottytraining toby . . . might be postponing my return for a few days due to some *cough* unavoidable *ahem* circumstances.

    kidding. i miss you guys and will be glad to get back. after i dance my butt off at this conference.

    love you my friend!

  2. life sounds pretty crazy over there!!! Must be fun!!! I'm getting a dog tonight!!! For free!!! Can't wait!!

  3. hope no 1 calls cps on those naked kidz


    jus kidn

  4. I've already received four calls. We are on the way.

  5. Jess- I like hearing your heart, and I totally understand the feeling of sometimes, you just need a good whine. :-)

  6. Since we are also trying to potty train Keith, how does the lack of clothes help him?

    Keith was doing good in a routine going at nap time and bedtime. Our plan was to slowly increase the times per day, but now he's lost most of his interest again.

    Crazy how much energy parents have to put into such a basic function.

  7. Heya Jess don't worry that's what we're all here for, for you to vent to ;) I wish you were HERE though!! I'm sorry little Richy is sick will be praying :(

    I was totally planning on going to see Valerie and Serenity today, but it's just going to be easier and better for me to wait till they get back to conroe, unfourtanetly. :( It's hard right now since I STILL don't have a job. And it stinks that they have to be all the way in houston, a place where I ALWAYS get lost at haha.

    By the way, does anyone know of a place that's hiring??? Minus retail and food place, I'm trying to find a GOOD job :) like secretary or a nanny job. anyway ttfn.! glad you are back in the world wide web, Jess, as I am sure you are too :)

  8. Uncle Josharoo,

    She is a mutt ~ collie and sheperd mix!! From freecycle ~ she was a stray and they can't keep her. She is very sweet and good with kids!! I want to name her Lady!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  9. Jess, you are NOT a wuss. {{hugs}}

    Praying that God lets you hear R2s secrets.

  10. Josh -- re: potty training...

    Boys #2& 3 learned to potty sans clothes (and an abundant supply of M&Ms & tiny marshmallows). Then they went commando for awhile. The last step was actually getting them to wear underwear. Don't know why, it just worked. Less to do at once, I guess.

    Lucas (3 yo) miraculously potty trained about 3 months ago. Without much help from me. But for the last few weeks, he's decided that he just doesn't want to do this anymore. I knew it was too good to be true. So we're back to the marshmallows...and the occasional nekkedness.

    I read where it's really common for kids this age to regress. Yippee. I just thought I got off easy with this one...=)

  11. They must be three..... the two 3 yr olds in our family who live in TEXAS regress off and on....and just decide "what the heck" I don't have to hold it.... Our KC three year old has just decided to skip the phase where it seems like he has it mastered.. He is advanced you know...really he is.... Very Smart.... so apparently he really likes diapers...and being wet...... What about those new diapers that make it freeze when they get wet.......??


  12. Hey .....I have a hot topic... What about stories of the silliest thing people have ever done..... before they knew better.............

    such as......

    being very very young and big and huge and pregnant and fat with babies and all belly and wearing an apron style swimming suit belly partially exposed.....flip flops and huge white hat.....walking during the day.....because no a/c at house.... and it was HOT... pretend shopping at neighbor grocery store to stay cool..... then put all the items back one by one...prolonging all the time in the cool air... Almost a daily occurance..... on very hot days..

    One day I decided to finally stop and get a book. I had passed this store every time and I was getting pretty bored alone and so hot.... I was so young and naive and huge.....with babies... (I looked so funny in my every day out fit. It was too hot to wear anything else) So I did it.... I walked in what I thought was a store full of books for grown-ups. I really thought it was a store with no children's books.

    When I walked in ... it was dark, very dark.....and I noticed the books and I was shocked.....then I looked around and the two men at the counter stopped what they were doing and stared at me.....even more shocked to see me in THERE...

    I was so embarrassed and I realized how much I did NOT know.....

  13. FYI: Having 3 children potty trained by the grace of God, my suggestions for boys differ from girls. For Garrett, Time took him in the back yard and they peed on the tree and fence together, and that was all it took. From that point on everytime he got out of the car he wanted to pee on the tree in the front yard and some times before I could stop him he would have it all stripped off and peeing on the tree. We had to teach him about private things. For the girls, Hannah wanted to potty train just because it was taking Garrett to long, so she began using the actual potty before garrett. Now Jenna...whew. Thought we would never make it. I almost had her trained and then she got some stomach virus, and it was all over. Then we had Abby and I decided to try again. With some strong reinforcement from Meredith, she has it. But at home if she has an accident, it is her responsibility to clean up the mess completely. Clean the floor, change clothes, clean off self, etc. etc. etc. Otherwise I make her stay in the wet clothes for a period of time before I do anything and then we have a talk about playing versus going potty, and all that jazz. Can honestly say I never tried to commando route, but who knows I still have one left to go through potty training....Julie

  14. Jess,
    hey, it's not that weird

    in thailand, they do not
    have diapers; frist they have
    no money, second they do not believe in it.

    they just sit on the floors of their wooden huts and let their kids do what comes natural.

    their floors are spotlessly clean
    they eat on the floors too.

    so it is not THAT weird!

    an aside:
    being a frist time puppy having lady.....i never really knew what the animal kingdom did

    wanna know?

    the mama licks their butts; makes
    them pee and pooop
    and then
    eats the products of defecation!

    my dog now no longer eats ice
    cream with me
    nor will ever do so again


    don't worry
    you can call
    the waaaa mbulance!
    anytime you feel like it

    for, we are called to
    bear each other's burdens,
    are we not?

    you only express
    i am sure
    what the masses
    experience as well!

    love you!


  15. Pray! Toby going to ER. Richy just sent this on twitter:

    "Pray. My son toby has 107.4 temp. Verified. Jess going to ER."

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Update from Richy:

    Fever down to 104. Which is good. Sorry folks a little edgy around the Clark house. Thanks much for prayers.


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