Monday, February 16, 2009

in which I moan and whine a lot

Warning: angsty girl-post ahead. 
I need to lose some baby weight. And by "baby" I mean, cookie. 

So here's what happened. It got really, really cold outside. So I quit going to the YMCA and stayed home. For weeks. It was pretty boring, and I was hungry, so I started baking. Now, a month or two later, none of my pants fit. I mean, I can put them on. But it's not good. There is excess flesh in many, many locations. So I plan on working out again, and probably I will be svelte again in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, however, I am in a bit of a quandary. I could rock my two pair of velour jogging pants, or I can squeeze into my two pair of jeans that sorta fit. ANGST. (disclaimer: I do not really think I am fat, I know I am a shrimp. You are not fat either)

So today, I took $14 from our tax return (thank thee, O great Obama) and hit the thrift store. The goal: fat pants that make me look skinny. Also, that do not bisect me when I sit down. I begin my search by looking for long, skinny legs in a darkish blue. Why? Maybe you ask. Maybe you need to get rid of the stonewashed mom-pants. I'm just sayin. 

So I am scrolling, scrolling through. Too light, waist too high, fat fat legs, size 2 (never again) size 10 (not yet)... made by Wrangler, etc. So I grab 15 pair or so of long-legged dark blue jeans. 

I am 5'1, with 36 inches of me being leg. I haven't measured my waist, but it is larger than my husbands, (30 inches, people) or at least the hip-area where I wear jeans is larger than 30. I'm kind of a mutant. I tried them all on, and vetoed every last pair. ESPECIALLY the mom jeans I tried on last. They went well above my navel, and tapered sharply at the ankle. I was laughing pretty hard in the dressing room, and almost took a picture with my phone, except the horror. 

I left with no jeans, I mean, except the ones I sprayed on before I left home. I will be going to the YMCA tomorrow morning. 

And now, some pictures from the princess' birthday party.


  1. What a bryncess!

    what did the boys do?

    did they go to McD's with

    or, did they wreak havoc?

    one thing i like about THIS
    blog is...
    you keep me using my dictionary

    i always thought i had
    a good command of my language.
    but no,
    jess uses words like angst...

    what the?

    is angst the mother root of


    or, perhaps

    note to self:
    put wiki widget on blog
    for quick reference.....

  2. kat, angst is german

    jess, did you get my email???? i am in need of your excellent expertise.

    thank you for the disclaimer that i am not fat. i have been hoping that i am not fat. =) haha!

  3. Its a well known fact that nov-jan is like national FAT months!!! give your self a break and eat a kit kat bar, its only feb. I too have said forget these jeans that i would have to paint on. YAY FOR CUTE JOGGING PANTS!!! that's my day mommy wear. i decided i'm NOT going to loose the weight.. i just got new jeans :-) ha ha

    but now that my man is getting all buff loosing 10lbs in the past 4 weeks, i might have to step up my game!!!

    i can give half my weight gain excuse to holidays, and the other half to the fact that I'm not livinmg a stressful life stress kept me so unhealthy and not able to gain.

    one day i'll get motivated to get buff. but this is NOT that day :-) although our whole family is eating healthier.

  4. crystal...

    hate to break it to ya

    stress, it has been discovered
    F A T!!!!!!!!


    no comment

    Jess says

    we are

    I was worried
    for a

  5. sorry i don't believe it kat woman... stress affects everyone differently. some people eat when stressed, some like me can hardly swallow a thing when stressed. in my case i would eat and it would just make me sick. or just go right through me.

    stress was my greatest weightloss tool after kids. ha ha

    i would run a mile a day ( that did nothing) then i went through some major stress and the weight just fell off :-) ha not the healthiest way but worked.

    still i say!!! JUST BUY NEW PANTS!!! :-) that's what i'm doing for the time being! :-)

    ok actually i really respect when people are dedicated enough to really take care of there body. with the right foods and exercise. speaks volumes about a persons character. (and the amount of time on their hands ;-)

  6. what is fat anyways...pshhh

    we just gotta take care of these totally complex and AMAZING bodied God has given us!

    ok that came out weird... the human body.. they are just fascinating the way they bleed and heal and just the way they work in general, its amazing! God is truly an artist!

  7. Down with mom jeans! So, I'm going to feel stupid asking, but you guys are back in KC, right?

    Hannah (we met quite a while back in the nursing mom's room)

  8. Yep, we're back! I remember you :)


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