Friday, February 6, 2009

the plague

So this crud has got all of us now. I had a fever last night and made the (recurrent) mistake of taking cold medication. I can get away with like, a sinus or allergy med.  But when you start adding in bioxychloralhyratedeippenscheimers, I get a little wacky. I slur my words, and I can't think straight, and I say stupid stuff. It lasts for like 12 hours. So I am not feeling drunk anymore now, which is handy since my kids are having unheard of temperatures and pooping all over everything and ocassionally coughing till they puke. All at once. 

What is awesome is the MOGs daddy powers are in full force today, making a quasi-breakfast and changing hellish diapers and just being a general all around great guy. 

When my fever broke, I had the delusion that I was all better and went grocery shopping. I dragged my diseased coughing wheezing carcass all over Walmart, and I pity the fool who uses my cart handle after me. But if you can't pick up bacteria at Walmart, where can a good American go?

The second dose of medicine is kicking in now, I think. I am feeling a little woozy. Toby is lying on the couch, running at about 103 now, which is a significant improvement. Bean is sporting a 102 as she lays on the floor. I and R2 are both hanging out at 99, and the MOG is of yet impervious.  

So there you go. Haaaaaack! Chooo! Sniff. 


  1. i'm so so sorry. sick stinks!

  2. go MOG go!
    see MOG go
    don't stop, MOG!

    i have never heard that one

    the devil is such
    a liar

    sorry i checked in so late.

    alot happens in 24 hours.

    it should all be over soon...
    and hopefully MOG will remain
    in Jesus' Mighty Name!

  3. You still haven't added us!!!

    DO IT!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This is one sick blog post.

    Sorry everyone is sickly. Go, go, gadget Richy.

  6. to my blogroll, gielows? add you where?

  7. I put Keith in "big boy" underwear this AM. Trying to get him to use toilet. The results? He's went through sever pair of undies & when on the toilet his normal two times (nap and bed time). He's not getting it, but going to do the same tomorrow and see if he start understanding.

  8. Yikes, Jess! Rough times over there! Is Daniel still standing?

  9. roo- we have done that for several days at a time. it seems like once, when I had the patience for it, he started getting the hang of it. but I think that was after two days of peeing in undies. and I don't have the patience today...

  10. Miracles of miracles... Keith for the 1st time every alerted us of his need to pee, but he exploited us in the process. After he had his undies on for over two hours this morning and was still dry, we knew he’d need to go soon. I tried to get him in the bathroom with, “let’s go read a book, let’s go sing songs while you....” He just kept on playing and wasn’t interested. About 5 minutes later, he comes to me in the kitchen and says, “Eat cookie while go pee pee?”

    He knew we wanted him to go and he used a cookie to get himself there! He did, however, sit there, eat his cookie, and go. Smart kid.

  11. we were doing stickers on a chart for pee and skittles for #2... it worked pretty well. plan on giving it another shot next week, when i am recovered from the ebola.

  12. I’m re-reading what I wrote, and it isn't clear that I was joking that Keith was exploiting us. I don’t really think that he was connivingly doing it. He had asked for a cookie before breakfast and was told he’d have to wait, so he already wanted one. I think it was more of the timing of it all, and not that he was actually sinfully exploiting our desire for him to go to the bathroom. I don’t want to give a wrong picture of him.

  13. Jess- is that an incentive sticker chart? What are your incentives?

  14. we all know Keith is a rough character. :P

    it's just a direct ratio. if he pees in the potty, he gets to put a sticker on the chart.

  15. I'm sorry that you and your family have been sick Jess! :( I have been sick as well but am finally over it. I think everyone I know is getting sick it's ridiculous! Anyway, I hope and pray that you feel better soon!!


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