Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This was a bit of a bummer day. Last week, our dryer died a slow and painful death. Eventually, I figured out how to take everything out of it, turn it a little (this was very hard) and then start it up on empty. Sometimes this would fake the motor out and I could then dry a half-load of clothes. Then it would stop mid-rotation and if I ran back in there every 10 minutes,I could crank it back up. So, technically, it was working.

We went to a used appliance place and bought a new one on credit. (not new, used new) It dried one glorious load before the washing machine broke.

I think it's like when a grandparent dies and the other one is so sad they just give up and die too.... kinda like that, but only not really that sad or important. But you get the general concept.

So, tonight we will be going back to the appliance place and try to convince them to trade this new dryer back and let us buy a matched set. (Why, yes, that is a grammatical horror of a sentence. Thanks for asking!)

So that's bummer 1. Bummer 2 is spending over 2 hours in a doctor's office having my babies tortured and discovering they both have RSV, and Bean has an ear infection, too. Poor little guys. So now I have a litany of drugs to dispense, as well as breathing treatments, and I am going to buy the best thermometer I can find and take R2's temps constantly...

Oh and bummer 3: new President.

Am I eating chocolate cake out of the container? I am. I dare you to stop me.


  1. It is a chocolate day if ever there was one!

    I'm bummed, too.

    1. Wyn is nuts again. Phil will be getting full cusody of boys. It's sad, but good, too.
    2. We have a new prez. And what's worse scripture says that God appoints the leader(s) we deserve. Ugh.
    3. Cranky clients at work.

    So I had some chocolate.

    There. That's it. I'm over it!


    PS Yes, I'm fasting, but not chocolate. Tomorrow the fast will end & I can go back to normal. Whatever normal is. Sheesh!

  2. im sorry sivad

    im sorry jess

    i am however glad that you
    negotiated and conquered and
    received a 4 hour per week reprieve!

    i like your shoes!

    now, what pray tell will you wear with 'em? you might just have to go back on your next 2 hours and get the accompanying accoutrements

    more l8r
    gotta go 2our meeting!

  3. oh nooooo! i'm so sorry about the RSV. i'm very sorry about the other stuff too, specifically bummer #3, but the rsv took the cake. i hope you enjoy your chocolate. maybe chocolate is like mary poppins' sugar. a spoonful helps the bummers go down.

    the picture you took is 675% adorable and cute and sassy and entirely fun to look at.

  4. Well you deserve some cake! I will be praying for the little ones. Sounds like you have it in hand. You are well versed here. I love you all so much!

  5. I know one person who's not bummed with #3 ~ my UNSAVED brother ~ but what does he know anyway???

    Yes CHOCOLATE!! I want some as well!!!

    Very sad about the rsv ~ got to the health food store and get liquid ALJ ~ its a homeopathic supplement that helps greatly with respiratory issues ~ Julie told me about it and I used it for Rachie's first cold ~ Yes its for all ages even babies ~ worked wonders!!! If you want ~ ask Julie for more info ~ will pray for speedy healing!!!

    Hope you can get the matching set for SUPER cheap!!!

  6. Jess. Hop to it...inspire, entertain, make jovial. It's your lot in life. (At least it is on the days I'm home.) Up and at 'em!

  7. Make me laugh, make me cry.

    I demand it!!!!

  8. I'll get to it... first, I have to do some stuff.

  9. Where arts thou, dearest sister? Hast thou gotten thyself lost in amoungst the wrought iron candle holders and ironing boards?-G

    PSTH. I was fairing the same sort of shopping this morning. Got me a little glass pepper shaker with no lid for 25 cents!

    Wooo Hooo!


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