Tuesday, January 6, 2009

on the art of disorganization

You may not have realized this, but I am a terribly disorganized person. I come by it honest. RIP Cal Stanley.  
It's because we're geniuses, see. We just have so much going on in the ol' cooker, it is difficult to stay focused on one thing until it is done, i.e. putting whatever back after the thing we did with it.

So when I cook, it is Kitchen Chaos, in which I use every dish I own and have flour sprinkled to the heavens and such. And so on, stuff everywhere all the time.

All of my adult life, I have geeked out over homeschool moms and such with their labeled bins and whatnot. Like this:

Wow. One problem is, my brain doesn't naturally do that. Two, it costs money to buy that kinda stuff, unless you can get it at thrift stores and dollar stores and such, which would require, again, that kind of brain.

So, I have been reading Martha Stewart, (sorry Georgia and Mama, but I need the help) and other organizers and getting ideas. So it has begun. New plastic containers for sugar and flour and such, and little baskets everywhere to hold things. Not much headway yet, BUT our tea is organized.

Progress, darnit.

More on this later. All hades has broken loose and it must be dinnertime.


  1. Seriously, don't waste your time labeling bins for your kids stuff because:
    a)they can't read

    b)when they can read, they don't care.

    and that is all i have to say about that.

  2. I agree with anon.

    But I have been told that kids respond to cleaning their room when you go about it like a game & catagorize their picking up. Such as, "Let's put all the books over here!" or "Let's put all the trucks in this box!" Work on one catagory/toy at a time. It's easier for them to concentrate on one specific toy rather than ALL the toys at once.

    I don't know for sure if the above works, I was just told it does.

    Instead of labeling a bin with words you might try pasting a picture of a specific toy on the front of the bin. Just an idea. But then Toby might want to peel the pictures off the bins & eat them or paste them on Bean. One can never fully know or understand what the thought process of a toddler is. Though it might be a fun experiment. (It would probably give you lots of entertainment!)

    Also, please tell Leah that I won't "rat" her out. She should know what I'm talking about as I spoke with her today at HEB.


  3. hey there jessie,

    i love love LOVE that post!

    and i love martha and i am proud of it. so, nanny nanny foo foo.

    and, I AM SO GLAD that we are both genuises.

    i feel so much better now, knowing what is wrong with me.....!

    love you!

  4. yup,

    and, even when it's a game, that doesn't mean that the young un will EVER ask to play it again!

  5. kitten usually goes into her room
    when i send her there to clean,

    just moments later i hear her up there laughing and playing like there's no tomorrow.

  6. actually, i have to go to bed

    early to bed and early to rise
    makes one healthy and wealthy and wise........and old german proverb


  7. Madison has always had way to much stuff to keep her organized. But when she was little I kept a big laundry basket in the hall closet for quick clean ups. I would or get her to put everything she got out into the laundry basket. Then at night I would put everything back where it belonged and the next day we would start all over again. Her room is a mess as we speak. She has more stuff then space that little pack rat! Speaking of rats there is a hamster in that room somewhere I wonder if its still alive!

  8. label and you will be labeled in return.

  9. O NO......don't label.


    Labeling worked for me.....

    I did this once for about a month way back in the new to tupperware days.

    This did help.....because the obsessive me kicked in.

    THEN......some labels washed off.....wore off..or I decided I liked that container for something else.

    BUT my point is that it DOES work for some peeps.

    The principle did however kick in....and all my kids all 6 of YOU and YOU know who you are........know that even though my house is never ever ever spotless and dust free.....

    I know where my scissors are
    I know where my scotch tape is

    some of the labeling principles were deeply planted in my obsessiveness and ended up helping me tremendously in the big scheme of things.

    Thanks to one of my kids......I even know where all of my hair doo dads are and my mascara.....and even band-aids. I love my Steph.


  10. Way back in my day-care days we did label stuff (for accreditation purposes) ~ it kinda worked for 12 3 year olds in the same room all day. The bins NEVER stayed clean and always had other stuff in them but the classroom was organized (on the outside). We put pictures on them so the kids could see what went in it. Some advanced classes also wrote the words on them. Those overacheivers!!!! UGH!!!

    It would be nice if my brain worked like that ~ I'd love it!!! But it doesn't so I'll keep my piles!! Some people's brains are wired to do that!!! I guess its a gift of the Lord ~ so they can organize all us other folks who have no clue!!!

  11. Now... You know where the tea is! That is VERY good honey. Resist this urge. Knowing where the tea is is a great start but you must be tuckered out. I'd say fix a cup of tea and go lay down. Invite a friend over to discuss all this while the children "play" in the other part of the house. Then when you discover the damage, beat all of them roundly with a spoon and go rest. There is nothing new under the sun. Mama of many including yourself

  12. rather label than libel

    i like jennifer's hamper idea.
    that is a great idea, and if you have an upstairs, very useful.

    i take a basket downstairs with me and dump everything kitten has lying around, and that is alot of stuff. then i take it upstairs and put the whole thing in her room.
    from there it is her responsibility.

    so, there it lies until i threaten her with "no you can't go to your friends house this week end until all that junk is put away".

    being the social butterfly, that is the only effective incentive i can think of that works.


  13. Labels are fun. If you know what to do with them, but make sure you have a designated person who does not label to make you lie down when you get crazy and label the cat-G

  14. i dont know about "labels" but i gotta say, being organized is amazingly stress relieving!! I am compulsive about keeping my life "organized" I can't help it! I'm the geek that asks for& gives day planners for gifts. I realize we must be willing to be flexible but come on! a little organization goes a long way towards making a home more peaceful!here's a helpful hint thats very cheap! is your junk drawer or desk outta control with loose pens, paper clips, scissors n such? go to your local .99 cent store or buck store n get a cutlery divider! this works great to hold/divide stationary gone amuck! i know, i rant, but i told you i have an organization compulsion! yet my husband can find anything he's looking for in my house in 30 min. or less!o.k. i'm done! happy organizing jess!if you need any help just post the prob. n i'll be there for ya kid!

  15. peace is knowing where the tea, scissors, letter opener, & spanking belt are.

    : )

  16. &
    burp cloths/bibs
    Keith's water cup

  17. I labeled my niece and nephew's toy bins by taking pictures of the toys that should go in that bin, and taping the picture on the side. It was free (just printed the pictures on our printer)!


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