Monday, January 5, 2009

It's my blog, and I'll cry if I want to

Why the hiatus from blogging? maybe you're asking... or, There was a hiatus from blogging? or What the heck is a hiatus? Well, I'll tell you. Except that last one. You can look it up. 

Yeah, I took a break. First, it was a holiday. Then, I hadn't accomplished any of my goals and didn't feel like blogging about it. Then, it was the weekend. 

So here I am, January 5th and not really doing anything on my list. I still want to, just not terribly motivated. 

On Saturday, we took my mostly-dead laptop to the Apple Store to see if there was any hope. The Apple Store has a feature called the Genius Bar. It is a counter staffed by people who have good skills in the Mac realm. Are they geniuses? Okay, maybe so. 

I had an appointment, but it was crazy packed in there, so I had to wait about 20 minutes just to be able to sign in. 
Apple does everything right, but the tiny little stores are maybe not their best idea. 

While I was waiting, I was people watching.... a lady in her 50s was sitting at the Genius Bar with her PC. (What the heck? I was thinking. Isn't she embarrassed?) No. She had a an iPod Touch and the Genius was transferring her songs for her, from the PC to the Touch. 

She was griping bitterly the whole time. "I mean, I bought this thing and I thought I'd enjoy it, but I spent 6 hours on it at home and I'm not getting anywhere." Guy: "What do you want it to do?" "Well, how do I make it play music?" Guy, not looking at his coworkers, "Okay, push that button there. See where it says music, on the screen there?" She does it and music is playing. 

Frustrated, she sighs heavily. "I just want this thing... I spent 6 hours and I don't think I'm going to be able to use it." About this time, a Concierge (at the Apple Store, these are the guys in the orange shirts you complain to) came and redirected her to another employee, probably a 16 year old with iPod experience. 

I know, I know. Not everybody is technologically advanced. I know that someday I will sit back with my dentures gaping as Toby reroutes a space shuttle. In fact, I can't work the 4 remotes required to watch DirecTV or whatever it is. But right now I am in my snarky youth, saying WHY WOULDN'T YOU PUSH THE MUSIC BUTTON? Anyways. 

We eventually got to our Genius, who I liked a lot despite his liberal rantings... he declared ol' iBlanca dead as a doornail. Or some such. I suspected as much. 

So I remain chained to a desk here while Toby probably feasts on apple pie while sitting on top of the refrigerator. Cest la vie.


  1. 5 days with no blogging and now no one reads your blog? wow. well, i am still here, pal. way over here in africa. reading your blog. from a different time zone. and somehow i'm your first comment of the day. hmmm...

    MUAH :)

  2. that poor poor woman in the apple store!! I TOTALLY FEEL HER PAIN & HER SHAME!!! as a techno illiterate myself I too have made many a dumb comment as did she! jess just wait! unless the Lord tarries u too shall be a "50 something" one day! u too will enter the "here-after" goin to another room n then wondering "what am I here after???LOL! i've been there for a few years n i'm not even 50 yet!! yikes!!!

  3. oops! not unless the Lord tarries! that was spose to be "if" the Lord tarries! see wut i mean?

  4. ok you snarky little thing.....
    are you going to take down your
    christmas tree today?

    i am tempted, oh so tempted to
    just turn on the lights and pretend. it is my customary custom
    to take tree down january 5th but.....

    anyways, i am glad to hear

    send your address wherever you want here, my blog, or email of choice. i hang like a vulture around all 4 environments continuously all day long.

    today, i am going to:

    pay joe's truck note
    schedule him on 3 or 4 appts.
    read my soap blog for her continuing saga on writing business plan
    get my intercessory resource material from the li-berry
    pick up kitten
    go shopping for batmans' birthday dinner. not too motivated since we're supposed to be fasting.
    begin writing my business plan

    is that enough?

    oh, and continue reading the shack

    it is blowing my mind

    what about you?

    my only material new year's resolution was to NOT ANY MORE
    begin to wash clothes until such time as I can commit to being present when that little bell rings and tells me they're almost dry so I can take out, shake, fold take upstairs and promptly hang so as to NOT, NO NEVER EVER have to iron,
    my form of ironing consists of throwing a wet towel into dyer full of clothes that have been sitting there 5 days and are all rumpled and crumpled. the moisture gives the wrinkles a chance to release the hold they have on clothes.......

    ok, i am pontificating.

    back to "the plan!"

  5. I love it Kat!! I recently had a load of clothes in the dryer and washer for five days ~ had to rewash the clothes in the washer!!!! So glad I'm not the only one!!!

    I took down my tree today ~ by myself!!

    I told Jere that we would do it yesterday together. BUT Sunday is his ONLY day off (working 2 jobs and all!! 70+ hours a week) so I gave him a break ~ we watched movies.

    So this morning I get up and prepare to go for a walk with Roo before the Davis kids show up. Only to find God had other ideas ~ it was raining = no walk.

    So I look to taking down the Christmas decorations. It took some time, a step stool, and voila!! My living room is transformed back to its original form!! Tree is outside on the curb awaiting trash pick up tomorrow ~ Does anyone know if they pick up trees????

  6. I took my tree down by myself on the 30th, just because it seemed like the time. I made a hilarious picture dragging it through my house... it looked like a forest exploded.

  7. a forest exploded on my front porch!!!

  8. Josh exploded at the thought of keeping ours up any longer.. just kidding. We both thought it should go.

    One time when a teen, our tree was lasting well & my mom re-decorated it with hearts for Valentine's Day! and took it down just after 2-14!! Yes, rare for those lonely trees.

    Since we cut ours down fresh, I thought we may try it; yet the extreme amounts of heater heat was getting to ours.. needles collecting on the floor-- it had to go. Josh took it down last night. Thought I'd be sad, yet it looked nice to be without.

  9. katw0man- good res.
    good solution-- a wet towel-- I'll keep that in mind if needed (hopefully not! ha ha)

  10. January 5th.....mine came down TODAY.....and not a moment too soon...

    I still have blue lights on the porch and they are shining brightly.

    I like them and I dare anyone to give me any lip about it....

    Oooo BTW.. Blue is my favorite color.....NOT purple...

    Blue ...and my porch is lit up blue and it is peaceful and lovely and soothing and BLUE

  11. i like blue too!
    that rhymes you know.

    guess what!?!
    today i went to pick up kitten from school and went by the pond and looked

    and there were not
    but TWO eagles!

    kitten and i were sorry we didn't have our cameras

    we were freakin out

    (for story check my blog yesterday)

  12. the blue lights must come down NOW!

  13. I put the tree outside Saturday night. Will be taking it back to the tree farm to be chipped up into mulch. I told Keith before he went to bed Saturday night that the tree would be going.

    Keith was awake for over 2 hours Sunday before he even noticed the tree was gone (thus confirming the awe had ran out and it was time for it to go). When he asked about it, I told him, "the tree had to go back to it's home outside." He whined a little, saying, "tree... where the tree?" I explained again how the tree came to visit, and now had to go back to the forest. He understood and went about playing.

    I couldn't bring myself to tell him the tree would be violently and horrifically chopped into little pieces.

  14. Tweety Bird says "you meanie Joshiepoo!"

    (now change accent to the effeminent lion cartoon as you read the next phrase) "violent even!"

    (what was that Lion's name? or was it a cat?)

    my Christmas tree ~~~ she still stands...

    once i let a real tree stand till February! because I was dead-tired from 2 Christmas musical productions I was in charge of - and no one else in my home was interested in helping take down the tree, plus I was in college classes part time pre-req's for nursing school, working a part time job at a bird farm, another part time delivering newspapers, and a 3rd part time job at the Tombstone factory... plus leading worship 3 services per week with Pappy John... with obliggatorry volunteering working with a large ensemble at Lifestyle for ORU competition, a small ensemble, a quartet, a trio, a duet, 4 solos, and a choir, not to mention helping with a flag routine, oh, and did i mention the church youth group also started working in January on Fine ARts, so coordinated those various and sundry entries as well - so...

    NO WONDER MY TREE DIDN'T COME DOWN TIL FEBRUARY! AND AT THAT I HAD TO BEGGG my daughter's now mother-in-law to come over and help me! the thing was CRISPY AND MEAN to me (the tree, not May) and scraped my arms all up! if it weren't for the lights on it from my first year of marriage, i woulda just took it oout to the street with all the lights still on it! (the mean little dried up stick of kindlin' - fire hazard!)

    ok - i'm up too late - awakened by

    1) 2 young people and
    2) an old people who were

    1) watching a movie down stairs with loud closing theme song and 2) sawing logs in my bed

    glad the young people are hanging out at my house, though, - one Judah was here tonight. we love him - but he still needs covering - keep it up peeps! Mama, he says he's glad you guys are talkin'. J said he wasn't ready to talk to you several years ago, but might consider it these days.

    love lvoe love jess and sorry to waste all your blog space.

    tell Hann to write me a LOOOOOOONG letter someday so I can know what's in that mind of hers! ha! i know she's fine...

    if i don't get a few hours of sleep - i'll not be able to make it through today.

    hey, why don't i just go make bacon and eggs and pancakes for all of you fasters!

    you won't BELIEVE what i'm fasting! but, i'll leave that for another time....

    over and out!~ and hi to all

  15. mama pc is fasting tv me thinks

    i wonder if 3 eagles will be in that tree today

    just dragged tree outside in the

    re arranged living room furniture

    just had an awesome time with my piano in the kitchen

    today i begin writing my business plan.

    love to all!

  16. One time back in the hippie days we left our tree up until may. Maybe it was some things I had ingested or some residue from my parents ingestion or whatever, but the tree spoke to me. It said " I am never coming down" I got mad. I grabbed it and dragged it down the stairs to the dumpster. I didn't even bother to take the ornaments off, or the lights. It went squealing to the dumpster.

    When Mom and Dad came home they said
    " Oh, I see you took the tree down"

    That was the end of that discussion.-G

  17. is that you, georgia porgia puddin pie?

    wuv you!

    i had to take a break,
    this vision thing reminds of a pastor mike seminar......

    need some comic relief....


  18. My kids can't understand why I like the tree to come down on the 26th. Now you know why-G

  19. Yeah, its me. Sometimes we need a break from visions. I know about that. If we weren't fasting I would recommend a sonic blast or sometime type of very fattening sonic ice cream.-G

  20. Yall ever noticed that when a church or group of people are fasting that when they get together they seem to gravitate on talking about food?-G

  21. Pastor John is not feeling great and is trying to do a water fast.

    I can fast on vegetables. Poor John.-G

  22. Lunch- brown rice, broccoli soup and brussel sprouts. It was actually pretty good.-G

  23. We are learning to eat soups.-G

  24. I am talking to myself in a break between Connors. Nap to nap brings forth blogging.-G

  25. Lindsey,

    Send us some more Africa stories, I like those.-G

  26. wuttzamattag?


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