Friday, January 23, 2009

All about "me"

I wrote this last night for my facebook, and published it here by popular demand from my husband. In other news, I am now a redhead.

25 Random Things About Me

1. I am almost 1/2 African American
2. I was born with 3 eyes and had to have several surgeries before I came home from the hospital.
3. I once impaled myself on a paper clip and part of it remains in my stomach to this day.
4. I can run a mile in 4 minutes. (Maybe 4 1/2 now)
5. I have 9 siblings that I claim. Only my mother knows how many others there are.
6. I am a vegetarian, and I am allergic to wheat and fruit.
7. I won Miss Toddler Texas Pageant '81
8. I sang backup on 3 of Enya's albums, back when she was the rap-act InYaFace
9. I can eat with my nose.
10. I learned Spanish by watching Braveheart.
11. One of life's greatest joys for me is filling out surveys.
12. I played on the defensive line for the Packers for a couple weeks, but I got laid off.
13. I invented an early version of the iPhone, and was totally robbed by Apple.
14. I have 106 1/2 cats.
15. I have 1 pit bull and 2 hungry Rotweillers
16. I can tell time using the stars and a sheet of tin-foil. Do it every day.
17. I have survived 14 earthquakes and a small tidal wave.
18. I published a book under the pseudonym John GrishOm. Sold QUITE a few.
19. I have a tail.
20. I have a secret identity. Two, actually.
21. I used to drive an 18-wheeler, before the war.
23. I am afraid of the number 4. ((shiver))
24. I have 6 fingers on each foot.
25. I am a stickler for the truth.

and a little introspective journey de hair
1. hating the hair
2. dye it green in prep for dyeing it red
3. cut it whilst green
4. dye it red, but not red enough
5. Find a pretty happy red and decide to give the ol' scalp a break for a few weeks...


  1. I love your red hair. When I met you, you had red hair, and I thought you were so beautiful. That's never changed no matter your hair color, but it's fun to see the red again!

    (reads that over to make sure the compliment came out right...)

    yep! Looks good!

  2. i like the red hair too.

    and also, in regard to the 25 things. you tagged me, and i read your 25 things, and i laughed quite heartily, and now since you have done the absolute ultimate job of making fun of 25 things, and i cannot possibly be as funny as you, i may possibly not complete my own 25 things. please don't take offense. i simply am not up to the challenge. also, jennifer tagged me. hi jennifer. i may possibly not respond to your tagging either, for the same reasons as stated above, and because i'm pretty sure i can't thing of 50 interesting things unless i lie like jess - or possibly completely forge her list.

  3. haha, funny 25 things.

    Hair looks good. Wondering if Toby notices you change it a lot. Does he ever comment?

  4. Does anyone use MSN or Yahoo messenger any more? I sign in every couple of months. John A. is usually on and we chat. Last night for over an hour.

    Here's us:

    Yahoo: joshandshannon2001

    We don't use either of those for email, just IM log in. Anyone still IM or is it only the teens now?

  5. mostly teens, I think. I occassionally chat via Facebook, but I don't like to be too accessible :)

    Yeah, when I was dyeing it the other day, Toby came in and kinda checked me out for a minute
    "What's ur name?" he said.
    "I'm Mommy!" I said.

  6. Jess- haha are you serious?!!
    that;s funny

    I think red looks much better on you than blonde. pretty!!

  7. I was just wondering, what else did you do before the war?-G

  8. He said, "What's ur name?"

    That's awesome!!

  9. You are the friend that I love the most!!!

  10. Hey Jess - any chance the Radiants are looking to come out to the North East - and by that I mean New England (read Lighthouse Christian Center) any time this year? I know Richy is doing his fast and I'm not sure where the line is... Let me know if they're planning anything and I'll see what I can do to book you here @ Lighthouse and maybe our cafe


    oh, and btw - LUV luv, luv the red !

  11. misskerri-
    Send me an email at and we can dialogue about Radiant. We are planning an east coast tour for May!


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