Thursday, January 8, 2009


Spent the morning googling special needs ministries... I found a lot of churches that do have plans in place, and I sent out a lot of emails... I'm excited about what we're going to get to do here.

On the organization front, small progress today.. I fixed the boy's dresser so it once again has 3 big drawers.

Now, I am a bit of a handyman when it comes to putting our furniture together and such. I have to be, because another member of my family either a)doesn't have time or b) puts it together without reading the directions and then throws away the extra parts.
Then, when it collapses in a shambles after a week, he refers to it as, and I quote, "crappy furniture".

So it's up to me. The trouble is, these tiny cute people love me more than ever when I am using tools and tiny screws and so forth. They come and sit in my lap and kiss me and "help" me by eating staples. This makes repairs take a long, long time. You know Shiva, the destroyer god in the Hindu religion? I don't dig her, but having all those arms would come in handy for this kinda thing.

Anyhoo. The dresser is mostly fixed, functional anyways and if I am going to take a nap, I have to do so immediately now. Anyone who interrupts my nap, or more importantly, Toby's nap, will be executed by firing squad. Night!


  1. Wow Jess....You are acting like a woman who is 8 months pregnant... Nesting.... preparing.... I am excited.. you can do anything you set your mind to....and then some..

    God is doing something ...

    Quite a bit of shaking and sifting going on everywhere..

    but you are blossoming and stepping up and preparing for 2009.... WOW

  2. psa

    ur pics r ready for u and the nelsons

    what's going on with the weather? like the Peterson's area that affecting u guys

  3. jess, i love ur new decor on ur blog

    knowing where stuff is is a vonderful thang. it's all worth it

  4. how refreshing.... I can BREATH..... when I saw the new was as had just turned on the ceiling fan and the air was circulating and I could BREATH!!!

    I really like the new look.......

  5. I love the new look too!!! Can you help me ~ new to bloggin ~ do somethin like that on Rachie's blog????

  6. sure mere. just set up a chat appointment with me on facebook and i'll walk you thru

  7. facebook is trouble.

  8. MySpace is doomed

  9. Hmmm, don't care for the new look.

  10. it's for valentines, nate! cheer up!

  11. How about Monday around noonish??? That's nap time around here ~ thanks!! Let me know

  12. Ditto with Nate...

    But, I like V-day...

  13. The flooding here is not impacting us, other than 3 roads being closed along my commute to work. We’re up on higher ground. It would take a lot to flood us out.

    A lot of the rivers here have over flown due to the massive snow melt plus heavy rain, but we are safe.

  14. i wuz laffin!

    my man, Batman, does the same
    exact thing!

    i keep on reminding him that the manufacturers aren't good guys lookin to increase overhead by loading you up with extra quantities of nuts, bolts, screws,

    i would have a truck full of the
    "leftovers" that joe always has after NOT reading the directions!

    i laughed alot when reading!

    but i am NOT like you Jess!
    so challenged am I at stuff technical and whatnot that
    i might even say a bad word
    or two,

    but i did put together a book shelf once upon a time!
    there really is rhyme and reason for the directions!

    now, what about that address! you deserve some sun ripened raspberry right about now.

    and newsflash, my kitchen remains almost spotless this week.

    of course, i have not done any production because i am intensely writing a business plan. and will not do a thing until it is done

    but it sure is tempting!

    kiss the hannberger for me. i miss her so!

    back to describing my current customer, my targeted customer, and my strengths (be they so many) and my weaknesses (be they so few)

    oops, the order was opposite,

  15. if anybody is out there and anybody wanted some valentines fragrances for candles, soaps, fizzies, etc etc

    what would the general populace want?

    just a question before i dump money...

    let's see,
    strawberries and champage?
    wine and roses?

    so many of the young people really like fresh and clean. i like spray on my couch if it stinks or to freshen a room if it stinks, but not to wear on my actual body.......

    any votes by any ladies or men on here would help me! there is a polling device that would help me immensely!

  16. im sorry

    there is a polling device on the right side margin of my little ol

  17. i also went to walmart today to somewhat emulate you jess

    i wuz gonna get all organized
    but you must have bought all the

    i went looking for some but they all alluded me

    having trouble finding stuff at the newly merchandized walmart.....

  18. AH HA.....

    now I know where you are.......

    I copied and pasted it and I am putting it up on Google for the world to see.......

  19. AH HA.....

    now I know where you are.......

    I copied and pasted it and I am putting it up on Google for the world to see.......

  20. sorry, jess

    forgot the sensitive thing
    that all was.

    you may hit deletenow!

    love you!

  21. Thanks for the address. I have ordered you free samples of dog food, bones, and wash.

    Remember when you and Richy kept ordering samples of stuff and sending them to me?


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