Monday, January 26, 2009


Had my break today. It is difficult to have 2 hours out of the house without spending $$. I ended up buying a hot chocolate and a muffin, and utilizing the comfiness of the booths at Panera. It was pretty good, I gotta tell you.

In other news, I am attempting lasagna today. And a batch of garlic bread in my breadmaker. (technically, Eva's breadmaker. But she won't ever see it again unless I get a new fancy one) I have failed on 3 loaves of bread in as many days. But this one looks like a keeper.

In other, other news, no news. Richy has been working on a recording project in the basement. It pays the bills, which is key... but it's difficult to have a vocal booth and a Toby, simultaneously. He's done with the recording part of it now, so the noise is back.

Not much for ya today, folks.


  1. Cool!! Hope the dinner is good!!!

    My Jere landed a new job today!!! He will be working graveyard shift at a gas station and delivering pizzas at night!!!! He will start school in August so he can be a counselor ~ he wants a psych degree!! I'm so excited and proud of him!! Can't wait to see how God works it all out!!

  2. misskerri-
    Send me an email at and we can dialogue about Radiant. We are planning an east coast tour for May!

  3. anyone know of any GREAT resources that I might like to have as links for my JoyHouse website?

    I would like a link to the truth about abortions and what actually happens when you abort a child-----

    maybe even a link about what happens to the mother.....Post abortion depression etc..

    links to healthy pregnancies....

    bound 4 life

    Adoptive success story links....

    and of course the other two homes I know of in Texas....

    Baby n Me (teenage mother empowering) and

    Breath of LIFE (maternity home in Austin)

  4. HEY JESS.....

    Don't you love it when your blog temporarily becomes a message board for the WORLD?

  5. eva the deva,
    you must not have any
    jet lag!
    wow, i am impressed.

    it usually takes me a full
    2 weeks to recover from
    trans=pacific rim travel.....

    i am impressed with jess
    and her breadmaker.
    i used mine once.
    threw out the little rudder that
    stirs the stuff with the moldy bread.

    then had to order more from the manufacturer.



  6. I AM SO EXCITED FOR MERE AND JERE! Lord, let this be the career that Jere has dreamed about.-G

  7. VKG,

    Send me notes about the website, if you still want me to do it. -G


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