Wednesday, January 28, 2009

html nopqrs

So here's the thing. I like poking around with HTML behind the scenes at the ol' blog here. It's another language, and I speak a little. Problem is, I only speak a little. Today I ran across some pre-made blog templates, and they tempt me so with their smoothness and sweet design. It would feel like cheating, though. I blog from scratch.

I cook from scratch too, mostly. I mean, I do use canned tomatoes and such... but I chop vegetables and mix up spices and so on. And I shudder at the thought of instant mashed potatoes. I ain't hatin, understand. If that's how you roll, then that's how you roll. It's just not how I was raised. There's a lot of satisfaction in eating something that wasn't made in a factory. Anyways, I digress.

So these sleek beautiful pre-made blogs call me, and I think I'm going to start stealing code and trying stuff. On other people's blogs. I have too many tweaks on this one to mess with it.

Oh, that's boring, you say? Fair-weather bloggers. Maybe you'd like it better if I just stuck with mocking my husband. All in good time, all in good time.


  1. Husband mocking, html stealing... MY SISTER! Yeah!-G

  2. Hey Jess.....did you steal the JoyHouseBlog? OMG

  3. no, i don't steal whole blogs. just code here and there.

  4. I love the Africa Blog...... Awesome!! You truly are my FAVORITE KC DIL!!!

  5. hey jess,
    since you are so snarky
    and savvy
    and snappy

    can you tell me how to get the
    greeen bar off my cassias blog?

    i am html-helpless. so i use the
    cutest blog on the block codes.

    you know,it's kinda like dying your hair,!

    since you are so snarky
    that is.

    can you tell me what's wrong?

    love you!

    oh, and i finally got all my fragrances listed on my website just

    a feat indeed. now i need to figure out how to subdivide them

    yesterday i called the help desk
    on chat
    someone answered right away
    but it took a whole hour
    and i ended up blogging, making lunch, billing customers
    all the while she was trying to
    figure out how to help me.

    just venting!

    i admire you dabbling in all this.
    i am learning a little, too.
    it is quitee
    s t r e t c h i n g
    to say the least!

    love you!

    oh, and i did not know you
    made your cute blog from
    scratch! wow!

  6. oh, and, i put a really cool
    entry on my blog last week.

    the one before i posted
    on tuesday.

    check it out.
    it is a place called

    it might contain some useful
    code stuff!

  7. and i have not forgotten
    about the tester detail

    nor the basket of goodies

    i am MAKING myself stick to
    my plan
    to get website up and
    100% functional by March 1
    if it KILLS me,

    and in the middle times making
    samples for sales
    and then the tester boxes.

    so, i am not flaky
    just maxed out

  8. and then i am behind
    on taxes for batman

    and it's killing me
    trying to get caught up

    1099's are due out this

    and am i ready
    not for awhile yet....

  9. kat has alot to say huh?

  10. YUP

    a combination of adhd
    and being alone most of the time

    this is my comic


    btw WHO exactly are you?

    i am thinking the


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