Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Now, you might already know this, but I was raised by hippies. I don't remember taking naps or having a bedtime, and we never had a TV. We had monitors, and a VCR, on which I watched Annie several times a day whenever I could get away with it. But real TV, with channels, No. It was a source of pride to us... in elementary school, people would gawk in amazement. We did things like reading books. Weirdos.

Then Richy and I got married and we never had a TV, until 2000 when we moved into an apartment with free basic cable. At first I just watched the Cosby Show, which is one of the greats. Then 9/11 happened and we haunted news channels for weeks, and then kinda got in the habit of having it. Then a combination of spiritual things and moving, we went back into a tv-free zone.

Now, my siblings tend to go through these same cycles, with different degrees of ferocity. I have heard tales of Georgia throwing tvs out the window... we tend to put it in a closet until an inauguration or some such, and then it stays out for a while. Mama would have happily shot out all Daddy's monitors, if she had a gun and if Daddy would have let her. Instead, she would just stalk by his screens muttering about abominations.

So we put it away for a long time, then I got pregnant with Toby, and I lay in a bed for 4 months. If you don't know my story, I'm being literal. I was on strict bedrest for 17 weeks. I talked the MOG into buying a set of rabbit ears. It troubled him greatly, but he bought one, a fancy one from Walmart. I was so excited, we got about 4 channels. Most nights I would just watch Everybody Loves Raymond at 10 or whatever, and then American Idol happened.

I. Love. American. Idol. I love music and singing, and comedy, and competition to some degree. So there you go. And it starts tonight. Will it pain my mama to read a TV blog? Yes, yes it will. But I happen to know that she watches the Weather Channel anytime she stays in a hotel, and enjoys it. In fact, she would probably have a TV if she could just get the Weather Channel and nothing else. I'm just sayin.


  1. Jess, I have a blog that you should read!! - $E

  2. i've been thinking about you. i've had the starting date of the new ai on my calendar for two weeks. wanted to make sure i didn't miss it. then when i woke up this morning, i had this sense that something special was happening today but couldn't remember what it could be. then i remembered. american idol starts today. just for the record, i deeply dislike the name "americal idol." but other than that, i got very involved last season. and i'm very eager to see the new girl judge.

  3. Those preliminary auditions are the best! Except, I always start feeling guilty for laughing at people...

  4. do you remember the asian guy who showed up in the suit and cape and sang his own composition? i think it was called something like "you're my brother, you're my sister." anyway, he had no idea that he looked goofy, and he sang with all the heart in the world. and he sounded really bad, but i loved it!

  5. I went over to Austin to my mamas to get away from hurricane Ike and watched Galveston blow away. It was a source of great alarm and conversation for her and me and Bobby and my sister Kay for two whole days and then I had to come back not to miss the storm itself. Go figure. Mama

  6. i have DTV programed to catch every AMERICAN IDOL no matter where I am.... UGANDA Kansas City.....Park City.... Acuna.... or even CUT n SHOOT


    if you miss one you can watch them Birthday MONTH when you come to TEXAS....

    Should I save them?

  7. ai ai
    im off to watch ai
    ai ai

  8. Woooo is me. No lights in Cut n Shoot! Thank You God for thick blankets and nice warm snuggly Enoch on the night of the hard freeze--

  9. Too bad it is the Dad Gum old fashioned one or I'd be watchin me sum Bill Cosby or Everyone Loves Raymond!!

  10. i reeeeeeeeally like
    everybody loves raymond

    kinda makes you feel
    comfortable knowing other
    people have disfunctional

    but debra....she is my

    she doesn't have to say
    a word.
    just stand there with arms

    so potent, she!

    jess, your posts are truly
    worth waiting for

    i laughed my head off

    my other favorite show is
    drum roll
    drum roll

    dare i say

    here flies

    s w a p

    it is the best!

    i always ask kitten
    and batman

    which one am I

    wanting so badly

    to be validated


    burn me at the stake

    i really don't watch tv

    i can relate to mama

    when we frist got marrried

    me and joe

    i more than one time fantasized
    about a rifle
    a shotgun
    and a window
    a bridge

    but i have learned to
    live this life of
    with the alien

    the thing that bothers me
    is when kitten watches it

    she knows every
    i mean every episode of
    sponge bob

    my favorite trick is to
    hide the remote

    that does not go over well!

    jess i am so very proud of you.

    i see you like lime green accents!

    i love that color!
    so Asian, it!
    reminds me of thailand

    ok guys
    my love to each of you
    it was a treat to see
    daniel last night!

  11. well jess, i've been sick soo i layed in bed last night n i gotta say my curiosity got the best of me n i watched ai n i gotta say i think all the laughter i did kinda made me feel better!i just cant believe some of those ppl.! can they really not hear how they sound!? but.. it was good for a few very good laughs anyway

  12. What is it with people over 60 and the weather channel? Find anyone on the street with gray hair and ask them how long the cold front is going to last, and they'll tell you! Anyway, I find it troubling that you decided to write a tv blog about American Gaydol and not THE OFFICE, which is the greatest show known to man kind. This is the first comment I've left here, so I don't know if it will work. But I'm still a Christian and it's going awesome!!!!
    -Tosh Jaylor.

  13. Oh, and the Cosby Show is awesome. One day I hope to be a nice elderly man in corny sweaters, threatening children with "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out" Mr. Bill Cosby. The original Tony Soprano.
    -Tosh Jaylor

  14. Yo Posh Teterson! Email me! joshtaylor@hotmail.com. Haven't heard from you in a long time.

  15. glad to hear you're still saved, Tosh! welcome to Ye Olde Blog

  16. HEY TOSH! GLAD to see you on BLOG! I do NOT like OFFICE any more

    I did for about 6 months but now it seems to be sex sex and more sex and i am sick of having to FF because if the little ones do not need to hear it......either do I right?

    AI I feel sorry for all the ones who really think they sing great.... That poor guy last night cried...still didn't get in ....and 5 minutes later the string bikini just walks on through...... HORRIBLE.... Simon did not even tell the truth about that girls voice......that surprised me

    I wonder if she will dress the same in each performance..

    Maybe she be the female version of that indian cutey pie guy that was horrible but the teeny boppers like him.... what was his name? Saeed?

    I miss you Tosh!

  17. LOST now LOST is a GREAT show.

    FF once in a blue moon just a tad of violence and the rest of the show is GREAT.....

    Season 5 being recorded unless the lights go back out in Cut n Shoot


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