Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eye info

So, yesterday we went to the ocularist, who makes ocular prosthetics. I love saying medical stuff. Rolls off the tongue.

I brought a stash of toys- didn't know how long we'd be there or how kid-friendly the office would be. Since I took that precaution, they had a toy box there and we got in very quickly.

So R2 sat in the chair and Dr. Turntine looked inside his itty-bitty eye and asked us a few questions... and it looks like we're going to go for it! Here's the process... I don't know about you, but it's interesting to moi.

They begin by knocking him out via anesthetic and making an impression of the damaged eye-globe. This is done by putting some kind of clay-like substance in the socket and having it form a perfect impression of his eye. They will then use this mold for the shell.

Second, we'll get a clear "conformer". This is like a thick contact lens, shaped to fit over his damaged eyeball and begin the process of stretching his eyelid and getting everything ready. We'll go through a series of conformers before it's determined that his eye is ready for the scleral shell.

None of this is painful... he said there's a little bit of pressure and weird feeling-ness the first 24-48 hours, but after that he shouldn't notice it.

Once the stretching is done (6-12 weeks) then the eye should be ready. The scleral shell is the same basic material as the conformer, but painted to look exactly like R2's good eye. It used to be that they had to be taken out overnight and cleaned, like contacts, but that's not necessary anymore... once the shell is in, it stays in until it needs to be refitted or something.

It's interesting, even having had the new glasses for a week or two now, it seems like kids are friendlier to him... they still think he's weird... but not scary. I can't think but that's got to feel better to him. Maybe someday he'll let us know.


  1. Wow! That is interesting stuff, Jess. Exciting too! I hope it will make things better for that little sweetie. YOU and RICHY are awesome parents and I admire and love you both so much! OH! And I love your wee ones as well. :)


  2. Weird is always good. It adds character for later on in life. I mean where would anyone of us be if we hadn't struggled through being weird ourselves? Do not misunderstand...I am exstatic about r2 and for r2. The technology that exists today versus 25 years ago when I needed it absolutely dumb founds me. Things will probably always be a little weird for r2, and the more things that can be minimized the better off he and the whole family will be. This is awesome!

  3. is that Tammy?-G

  4. that Richy 2 is gonna be a hottie .Mama

  5. I am so excited for him....


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