Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Okay, catching up

I sit today with the ocean at my back, and a man-made waterfall in front of me. Thank you Jesus for Priceline... we got a killer deal on our room, and man!! THIS is a vacation.
It's always a little funny to me when we get to stay in a nicer place.. our typical fare is Comfort Inn, often on reward points. But occasionally a host church puts us in a Marriott or something. I feel like such an imposter... like I should just fess up to the desk clerk... "I didn't pay for this room!" or "I'm actually broke! I don't deserve to take my Walmart swimsuit into your pool!" I don't, though. I just play it cool. Even when the valet pulls open my door and I didn't know he was there and he just scared the life outta me... play it cool. Maybe no one will know... :)

So, to update you on the weekend and such. When I left you, my imp was smirking. I can't help it, or I don't want to. Some things are just a bit funny. Like in worship, I'm all reverent and God is there and I can feel his presence. STILL, when the lady with the angel wings flits by, or the guy with the giant crown, I get it. And one part of me thrills and acknowledges it as true worship. That part is fully tuned in. The other part of me is smirking. I think my dad made me this way.
Seriously, though, when Leah dances with her dance company, nothing can compare.

I had my three at the conference with me. They had a great time, except that one part when I dragged a limp, screaming Toby off the stage by one arm. Thank you, thank you. I'll be appearing at Walmart all week.

Then Sunday, the MOG preached at Freedom Fellowship, and either his preaching is getting really good, or I'm getting saved. I listened to the whole message, and I am usually too antsy to sit still very long. Then Sunday night Radiant played at the same church and I got to sing with them quite a bit. I LOVED Sunday night. It was so good! Rock and roll, of course, and God came and was meeting with people... beautiful.
And I was wearing Brynn, as I usually do... she sang and kicked her little feet and she was a big hit. The boys were out in the audience with VKG and about 1/3 of the cousins. They (not VKG, but the littles) danced wildly and ran a bit and shrieked a bit and had a gooooooood time.

So we'll be here in Galveston for one more night, and then tomorrow VKG and a contingent of wee Clarks will meet us here for a day at the beach. I am so excited to see what Toby and Bean think. I know what R2 thinks... he is captivated by the waves. He will be out there, watching the water roll over his feet and flapping his hands until we drag him out.


  1. that was beautiful


  2. Need a pic!

    Please post a pic of you and MOG on Beach........

    I love to see you two having a relaxing blast!

  3. MOG preaches DEEPER now...

    I really got it.......

    No one can impart the oil..the intimacy...I have to get it for myself.......

  4. How do you watch bathe feed clothe nap and love one 3 babies AND clean house?

    I forgot.......

    O yea......neglect kids.....clean house.........play on computer....
    neglect kids......or.........

    focus on babies......tire them out.....put them down for naps and pretend naps.......clean house fast..and rest......and do it again....

    I love these babies.....Warming up for all 10 Friday......

    Currently Tobias is jumping on couch talking about Enoch...

    Brynn is "napping"

    R2 is out of sight........

    gotta go.

  5. the message was timely and inspiring. the music fantastic as usual. i'm just enjoying knowing you guys are back in good ole montgomery county (or galveston county even)
    then mama comes home from Africa before you guys are back in KS, too.

  6. hope you put some sunscreen on that back too


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