Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, the glasses came in today. So far, Toby has not messed with them, probably because he has been asleep. Brynn has stolen them twice. And despite my adjuring "Don't put your face over there!", his face keeps getting within her grasp.

Pretty good, huh?
He's walking around tilting his head and looking at stuff... very excited and cute.

In other Clark news, we (Radiant) are definitely playing at the Call DC II. You should go. Find a bus, train, or plane... stick out your thumb and plan on sleeping in a tent, whatever. We will be gathering on the Mall in Washington DC, and fasting and crying out to God. For 12 hours. Or maybe 14. To quote Dr Phil, this is gonna be a changing day in your life. August 16th. Be there.

In other, other Clark news, Brynn is sitting up on her own now! She tried it the last day we were in Texas, and now she's a pro. Also on her agenda, pulling up. She doesn't quite have it, yet. But she gives it a good try. If we pull her to standing on something, she can't figure out how to sit down and will stand there whining indefinitely.

And that is the news of the day... later.


  1. He looks so kool.....

    I wanda how his face keeps getting over there by the Bryncess.......

    Hopefully he will realize that he can see better......and clearer and that will out way the impulse to take them off......

    He is such a big mr man......

  2. What does "kool" mean?

  3. VERY KOOL! What a handsome guy!
    One of the best looking small guys I know of. There is quite a crew of them. Georgia needs to post a pic of mr. Connor. (Lacy's first guy) for us to see. Talk about a piggie poo. Another linebacker. Devoted to the Yablonski trough as are we all. Yo mama

  4. whatever helps R2 to see better and no discomfort, awesome!

    we r in Lakeland. the meetings r excellent and the people I've met people from England, Holland, Germany & Sweden so far, and many places all over US.
    be there


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