Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back from the op


Spent a lot of hours at the ophthalmologist today... she was like a movie doctor... flowing wavy blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes and so on... a sight for sore eyes. (sorry) Anyways, R2 will be getting glasses again, with a little prescription but mostly to protect his good eye.
Now we're off to pick up a table I bought on Craigslist. YAY!!

No time to be witty today. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. aint no fun
    if there aint no witt

  2. Good..........

    Maybe the prescription was too strong before so he looked OVER the glasses to see the world.....

    He will look so kool and stylish..
    with his spiked hair and frames...

    Did R2 like the movie doctor too.?

  3. So you finally got your table? Mama


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