Friday, June 13, 2008

Today, we dropped off the MOG at the house o' prayer and went our merry way... we went to the hospital and picked out R2's new glasses... (they'll be here in a week), we went to the Golden Arches, to the car wash, to walmart, to pick up the MOG, to the park and now finally home. I was attempting to kill 4 hours whilst we fogged our house... there are far too many living things here.

Home now, and it smells like Hiroshima in here. Hopefully all bug-kind is killed dead. I am currently a little poisoned myself.

It was a sweltering 81 degrees here today, folks. Break out the antiperspirant.

Father's Day Sunday... acknowledge the fathers in your life, whether they be biological or spiritual or whateva...

That's all I got, my brain is fogged. Happy weekend.


  1. u have to get your glasses at the hospital?


  2. Yes Hellooooooooooooo

    That is where all the really kool ones are..........

    Didn't you know.???

  3. yep... there are hardly any places around here with wee little glasses... so we picked some pretty cool ones from there

  4. the blog always this slow this time of year?

    Lack of comments due to all the anonys getting married?

    Wire frames? Frameless? or black Buddy Holly style?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. With your little ones getting on the floor a lot, please make sure you clean the floors, table tops, and other surfaces they may touch VERY good. Those foggers have some major, major bad stuff in them and it gets on every surface in your home. Of course, really clean your counters too since food may be prepared there.

  7. Thank you JOSH.........Good points

    Brynn got a rash while visiting TEXAS maybe from Gain Laundry.....

    All those little ones play on the floor every day.....

    JESS MOP! ........

  8. already mopped, hosers... I'm all over it.

  9. Hey! Did you get your table?

  10. That was me the mama.

  11. I did! It's great, blog pix on Monday!

  12. Eva, the reason I'm still in my Christmas outfit is cause it's STUCK that way! I've been crying out for help, but no one ever responds! I cannot change it! Anyone got a hint.... 5th request....for help on identity lag....

    Bald heads are more sensitive to spider webs...

    How are everyone??? I've been in space - i'm a Texanaut!

  13. mamapc it used to be ;
    go to user profile where all your info is
    click on photo upload or something like that
    upload new photo from your pc to there
    tell profile ok or submit or whatever it says at the bottom
    Et voila!
    You are changed!

    Try that

  14. Or...........YOu could do what I used to do........

    Email Jess all your info and the next time she has a break between diapers dishes laundry grocery shopping,taxi driving can change it......She is superwoman and can just about figure anything out...

  15. yep.. I can try to fix it for you

  16. Hey Jess I saw a book at the store called Mr. Darcey. Someone has written a book about Mr. Darcey based off of Pride and Prejudice. I was wondering if you have checked it out yet?

  17. OMG!

    Once this book has Jesss seal of approval I will have to
    buy it for MnMnBedste to read!!!!!

    Whew Whoooooooo


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