Monday, June 23, 2008

Pray, just to make it today

I am becoming a more disciplined person. (keep saying, it Jess...) I have been working out 3 days a week, and today begins my new plan of spending time in the house of prayer every day. The plan is 2 hours, for my solo flight today I will be doing 1. You see, I live in Kansas City. And maybe that doesn't mean much to you, but if you follow the prayer "movement", you know this is kinda the mecca around here. 24 hour prayer for almost 10 years now. The big daddy IHOP.

Problem is, I don't like to pray that much. If you're shocked, maybe you're new here. I like to pray loud. With a lot of people, for a cause. Love that. But when it gets down to me and God, or me, God and a room full of white people praying quietly with a background of modern worship, not so much.

Regardless, or irregardless if you prefer, I am wasting my opportunity to go and soak in a place that has been bathed in prayer. Deep fried, if you will. Plus, I need to work on the whole me-and-You-alone aspect of the ol' relationship with God. So off I go.


  1. Very cool Jess. It is really hard to get started but once you do it gets easier and easier. I use to never have a personal prayer time until I met Kathleen Gage. And she had me in my closet (literally) at 5:30 every morning. Talk about working out the flesh! Plus I am like Richey said he used to be not a soaker really. I want to pray bring down heaven that kind of stuff. I have to say that I have neglected my closet lately. And I am not sure when I will get back there. But I am trying to develope something new. I may not have 2 hours a day any more to lock myself away. But I am trying to take the minutes that I do have and make them count. I have been thinking about it more and more ever since Richey came and preached on the oil.

    And remember that sometimes it's ok to say nothing!

  2. Yeah Jess.....I am so envious.....It was such a shock to me to see students wearing earplugs to they could soak and do homework at the same time....but I get it.. The prayer room is so awesome and heavy and you do not need to hear the music....just soak...

    I am so glad that you are taking advantage of it....

    I wish I was there to keep babies so you two could go together....

  3. You can fix my typo if you want to.....

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