Friday, June 20, 2008

Sleeping Bean-y


I made a decision yesterday. After 16+months of feeding Brynn every 2 or 3 hours at night, I would like a break. I don't want to wean her, yet. She's most likely my last biological baby, and even though you can nurse an adopted child, I don't know if I will. So no, not yet. But nightweaning is sounding better and better.

The problem has been, I hate the strategy called "Cry-it-out", known in some circles as CIO. If you did it and it worked, great. Just not my bag. And most proponents tell me their horror success stories like this, "Oh yeah, Hildegard used to wake up all the time! So I just put her in another room like the garage overnight... true, the first night she screamed until she threw up. But the second night she only cried for three hours! And by the fourth day she quit crying altogether! Now she just stares at the wall with empty glassy eyes when I leave the room! It's great! I feel so RESTED!" And I look at my tiny little princess and I am like OH HECK NO I am not doing any variation of that with her.

But last night I decided to see what she would do, expecting to go get her after she would cry for a while... put her playpen in the living room and waited. Nada. I think she whimpered a little around 2 or 3 am... but not really. At 5:30 she woke up and was actually crying so I went and got her and nursed her. Then she was all excited and crawling around and screeching so I put her back in the playpen and she took it! She drank a little water and played with a toy and went back to sleep. CWAZY. Then she woke up for reals at 8, which is gravy for me.... 11:30 to 5:30 was like a vacation!

So I actually have a crib set up in Toby's room (she's been in our room till now). But I don't know about that... I mean, they would be waking each other up and such... and Toby might torment her a lot... and they would scream a lot which torments me. But I don't really want to leave her in the living room.

Whatevs. Point is, she slept. And no crying. I have won the baby lottery.


  1. am I still in my Christmas Garb?

  2. yep.... Jess, did you get my email order where I asked if you could HEPPPPPPPPPPPPME MAMA!!!!!!????

  3. I didn't get your email... which address did you send to?
    send to jessica @ radiant worship com

  4. i enjoyed your last few blogs....

    i've been out of sorts the past few days.........

    it's finally dawning on me that Lindzee will be GONE in just a few days....

    and i've found myself escaping into historical christian fiction....

    oh, well, God can work through any avenue.... He's comforting me....

    I love your kids and they are soooo cute! I loved seeing Richy's new glasses....and him looking in that mirror and nodding "yes" when she asked if he could see.... how precious....

    i'm sure you'll do the right thing with your precious beany baby.... can she sleep in the room with R2? or is that also a noise fest at times? maybe put up a cute screen to divide the room so she won't see him?

    i ended up with J and Han sharing a room for a while - cause they were always bothering Linds.... then... we lived in so many houses with so many combinations of rooms....that we tried all types of solutions.... once i made the formal living room (which was in the middle of one house) a room for jeremiah....

    once, when both girls needed a room alone - one liked ceiling fan ON, the other could not stand it ON... Linds ended up in the formal dining room.... again in the middle of another house.... until I realized I wanted to put my study desk in there while I was in nursing school... for a bit of quiet.... so then moved Linds into room J was in...and moved him to a CLOSET! the twin mattress FIT in that closet, with room to spare for a tall shelf/closet for all of his clothes and toys, not to mention storage above.... it was great! and to this day... he sometimes will want to go to a small closet and hide.... feels kinda safe in a small place.... he LIKED it! we made it fun!

    once we put both girls in an attic-type room when we lived with my parents, and J on the sofa...

    once, in the craft-type storage room J ended up with, I rigged up a mattress onto a SHELF!...i don't know what i put under it to keep it from falling - but I made it cozy and fun and they never knew! that it was anything but perfect!

    once we lived in a 2br/2b duplex - and i put all 3 kids in one room...girls in bunks...j in crib... and had a rule that no toys were ever in there... but made a huge play area in and around a huge closet in the living room........and we had a wonderful year+ in that house...

    when I was a little girl, my parents put me in the screened and closed in back porch several times.... cause there were two sisters that shared the other bedroom.... and another time I had my bedroom in a garage! that had an airconditioner! That was when I was 17...and we had a missionary boy living with our family of 3 girls... so, he got the den...and each of us had a separate room - with me in the garage! but, i liked it... except when the dryer would buzz just when I would get into deep REM...

    okay - i was gone for a while so thought I'd type quite a bit to make up for lost time.......

    how are the rest of you??? anyone else "expecting?"

    news - Linds and Brian are having a going-away shin-dig

    at Candy Cane Park Sunday at 7 p.m. - BYOF

    "Bring Your Own Food"

    I love all of you guys....and gals...

  5. i sent you an email with my info....

    nox XIF EM!!!!!

  6. i hope that when i wake up in the morning, that i will be changed into another costume....




    of what i'll be when i get these wings OFF!!!!!!!!!!

    and when i let go of that Christmas package! I've been dancing like this since early December!!!

  7. yessss.... now I will revert back to MY identity

  8. wow! how did you finally get that tenacious bee-suit OFF of me?

    it just wouldn't let me delete or change it for MONTHS AND MONTHS!!!

  9. did you get totally moved in???

    Thanks for fixin' my pic! Here's one of me at age 16.... at a Speech Tournament - when I had a Captain and Tenielle haircut - but you can't tell cause I had rollers!

  10. whre YOU bee????

    i guess this is MYYYYYYYYYYY DAY!!!!



  11. I'm here... keepin an eye on you!

  12. where IS everyone, Jess?

    I guess they all have lives!

    I enjoyed visiting with peeps tonight at Candy Cane Park as they all gathered to wish L & B well and to say their goodbyes...

    Beth C, i got to see little Isaac and swing him a bit.... he is such a cute little guy! so expressive!

    L & B leave Tues at 3, and I think we'll be leaving around the same time to go to OKC... Hospice says only 24-48 hours til Norma's time is over (jOHN'S older sister)... pray for our family.... Norma has been a believer most of her life, and all the family is saved... just pray for peace and strength and everything else needed at times like this....

    good night dear jess and dear friends.... see you next week some time....

  13. We will be praying for Brian and Lindsey and Johns entire family......

    Peace safety blessings comfort and everything else

  14. Wow......My computer knows me.....I do not have to be anonymous any more......

  15. Glad Santa is GONE but I will miss Mama PC


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