Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back in the K of C

Isn't this a good picture of us? We're growing up so fast... ;)

Took us about 14 hours yesterday, McDonald's TWICE, and 4 poopy diapers. But we made it. We got home around 10:30... stepped out of the van into spiderwebs... in our garage. YUCK. One of us was freaking out more than the others, and it wasn't the traditional role of more-freaked-out-by-insects gender. I will leave it at that. We fought our way through with the spazzy cobweb hand movements, and moved in. We also discovered carpenter ants stinkin up the place. ONE of us was too spazzy to sleep because "something is biting me" so we changed the sheets and ONE of us attempted to thump an ant away, only to have it boomerang back multiple times. Another one of us picked up the ant, squished it and threw it away. I'm just sayin.

After the terror and pestilence by night, it was great to sleep in our bed. Toby woke up once a little scared, but he must have figured it out because he went back to sleep.

Now I have spent the morning cleaning and squishing ants as a warning to all the other ants. The MOG did something very important that took a long time that looked like checking his email, and now he is mowing the grass. It is of jungle proportions. Toby really wants to go out there, but nooooo... we steer clear of tall grass, we Texans.

The plan is, post-lawn-care, to go to Cici's and then grocery shop. YAY!


  1. It's always nice to get "home" after a long time away.

    So, as I'm reading about webs and ants and high grass I'm wondering what happened to the guys that were going to house sit. Didn't you say that was happening?

    And, yes, nice picture of you two.

  2. I'm so glad ya'll made it home safe and sound. :) Hmmmm. I wonder about the gender freakin' out about the insects!! That's funny! Have a good, good nights rest tonight. Papa is deathly afraid of snakes and I've often thought he might be afraid of "other" squirmy, slithery, or other bug-types too! ha.

    Love to all -


  3. People who are not texans don't stay away from tall grass?

  4. not texans... non-texans... not texans yet...Texanots...

  5. Texanots- a movie about a bunch of Texas hillbillies that make rocket a try to fly to the moon.


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