Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas recap

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Here are my sock puppets... I started with a plain sock and made animals, mutants and what not... I found out I really like to sew (albeit by hand) and create... fun discovery about myself. The puppets were a big hit, and even though they might die young, they were being enjoyed a LOT the last times I saw them. Oh, and I made a cute horse puppet for R2 that didn't get his picture taken because he was hiding under the tree... later on, you'll see him.

It was a beautiful Christmas and fun fun. I SO enjoyed my boys... we nailed it on their presents and they were so excited... just makes me emotional thinking of how long I have waited for this. Toby is teaching his brother a lot... and it is so amazing.

I overdid it. I still feel pretty good, but I am going to be extra-good for the next few days to make up. That should work, right?
Later on, we'll locate the camera and the cable and I'll put up some pix on the picture blog.

Merry Un-Christmas to everybody!
And a very Happy Birthday to Graceson!!

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