Monday, December 4, 2006

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Well, all the sickies around here are improving... still quite a bit of coughing and hacking and so on, but Toby seems to really be responding to the asthma meds.
It's amazing how being 6 weeks early and then getting RSV did such a doozy on his lungs. The doctor told Richy that when we know a cold front is coming, to start using the nebulizer treatments ahead of time... interesting.. he has been getting sick and wheezy when the temp is about to change. Our little barometer. It's a seasonal thing we'll have to watch for a couple of years, but they usually outgrow it.
My 24 weeker, however, is a trooper. He hardly ever gets sick and when he does, he just carries on. Stanley genes, there.

Mama is fine. Normal. Or you know, relatively. If it was a stroke, it left no indicators... so the best possible outcome to a scary scenario.
She found out she was pregnant while she was in the hospital. While it has been a shock to the family, we all have rallied to support her.

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